file_exists not working in my drupal module when checking for a folder on remote server


I am struggling since a few days with a module that I develop for Drupal 7. I use ssh2 to connect to a remote location and use $sftp, $con  and $user_home_dir to check for the existence of the folder specified in $user_home_dir. The code runs fine when I simply do a test in a php file and call it from the browser. The code fails if I use it in a drupal module and that's why I suspect it to be a drupal specific issue. ssh2_sftp works fine and I can create directories, rename them etc.  

Broken Drupal v4 to v8?


My online friend and I have a decade old (since July 2007!) Drupal v4 web site in an old PowerPC's Debian box at Also, it is sort of broken (can't even access it admin web page, get all external RSS feeds, edit user accounts (even my own), etc.). Is it possible to migrate its post datas to v8 easily with it? I would hate to lose all the old posts since starting in 2007. :(

Thank you in advance. :)

How do I see which email my login is connected to?

When trying to log into with our username and password combination we get the message (Gebruikersnaam of wachtwoord is onbekend. Bent u uw wachtwoord vergeten? /Username or password unknown)

When we access the page for password recovery and enter our username (Psylos)…

…it says this: ‘further instructions are send to your e-mailaddress’. Unfortunately we don’t seem to receive any mail...

WebForm Conditional

I need to build a webform where one of the questions asks the user to pick a date from a list of 5 dates. Each of the 5 dates only allows 10 attendees. How can I track the number of people that have registered for each date and limit the number of attendees? Thanks for any help.

Do you have a Drupal radio player?

Hi I want to install drupal but do you have a radio player plugin?
I need a player like this site

I'm glad you helped me.

Updating Drupal Core and Modules

I guess I thought updating Drupal and modules would be relatively easy ... but, alas, it is not to be.
Firstly in updating the modules, I had to have the hosting company disable that mb_string thing. I got the modules to update but then Owl Carousel is throwing error message: Undefined index: settings in theme_owlcarousel_list()


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