Best Part of Drupal

I just in to this particular forum need to know what is the most best part of drupal.

I've found this forum from Wikipedia


Reclaiming a hacked site

I have recently "inherited" a site based on Drupal. Unfortunately said site had been hacked, and index.php was replaced. I cannot determine whether any other damage was done, but the files don't otherwise appear to be harmed.

Single User Logout for Multiple Browser (Cross-browser)

Hi All,

I am using DRUPAL 4.3 version, and currently encountering a problem regarding logout.


1. Login Chrome
2. Login Firefox (same user as the on I used in Chrome)
3. Logout Chrome
4. Browser Firefox -> was not log out, and can still maneuver to different pages with the same user.

How can I force log-out other browsers after I execute the log-out in any of them?


Using Drupal as a support portal for a FB community

Hi chaps,

I'm having feelings about building a project using Drupal and I thought I'd better ask the community before getting hands on, so I'd basically love to hear opinions. Quick background:

How to install my VPS for drupal


do someone know how to install a VPS for drupal

if i install a debian 8 with ISP config it is enough ?

Drupal installation with MAMP and Postgresql

Hello I'm new to drupal. I am trying to install drupal 7(7.40) with "PostgreSQL 9.5.1 on x86_64-apple-darwin14.5.0, compiled by Apple LLVM version 7.0.2 (clang-700.1.81), 64-bit" on MAMP (free version).

I'm able to select postgresql database, user name and password through the install.php. However the installation gets stuck on 50% and I get the following error:


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