Entire website down due to site wide message error

A colleague had added a site wide message with a link in, but hadn't closed the link, so now the entire website has an error. When I go into site-wide message to untick the show message box, because the link hasn't closed it has made the entire page one big link to the website we put in the site wide message.

See screenshot here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/150017012@N05/shares/kb8V4Z

Best Part of Drupal

I just in to this particular forum need to know what is the most best part of drupal.

I've found this forum from Wikipedia


Reclaiming a hacked site

I have recently "inherited" a site based on Drupal. Unfortunately said site had been hacked, and index.php was replaced. I cannot determine whether any other damage was done, but the files don't otherwise appear to be harmed.

Single User Logout for Multiple Browser (Cross-browser)

Hi All,

I am using DRUPAL 4.3 version, and currently encountering a problem regarding logout.


1. Login Chrome
2. Login Firefox (same user as the on I used in Chrome)
3. Logout Chrome
4. Browser Firefox -> was not log out, and can still maneuver to different pages with the same user.

How can I force log-out other browsers after I execute the log-out in any of them?


Using Drupal as a support portal for a FB community

Hi chaps,

I'm having feelings about building a project using Drupal and I thought I'd better ask the community before getting hands on, so I'd basically love to hear opinions. Quick background:

How to install my VPS for drupal


do someone know how to install a VPS for drupal

if i install a debian 8 with ISP config it is enough ?


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