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Easy News Topics - RSS2.0 Module

Someone just referred me to this yesterday. The Easy News Topics RSS 2.0 Module might be potentially useful for connecting Drupal sites. Unlike XFML which requires a separate feed, this is a way of expanding RSS 2.0 to output Drupal terms for each item. But as it's an RSS module, it's ignored by anyone receiving the feed that doesn't support the standard.

Stuck while making privatemsg work with CVS

I have tried updating the privatemsg module and also the gallery module to work with CVS version. I have also updated taxonomy_html as it had a few bugs left from the conversion done earlier in the week.

Database dump module?

Is there a module out there, or one that could be easily modified, that would allow you to dump all the info from a DB into it and it would create multiple nodes? I have a DB full of stories that I want to separate into individual node entries, but I don't have an efficient way to do this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help,
Irish and Southern?

Reviews.module and discogs

Hi all,

I've made a module for writing reviews. Nothing brilliant, just added some fields to rate and add a link, thats all.

What I want is an ability to retreive info about the reviewed artist (i'm going to use it for music) from the 65+K artists listed at discogs.

So is anyone familiar with some class or script that gets me on the way? Has anyone ever seen a script or code that can extract info from discogs?

Please let me know! ber just delete qwerty from my address.

image module - thumbnail in teaser?

Can't seem to get the thumbnail to show up on the front page. The full image (which wrecks havoc with my layout) appears instead. I've searched through the forums, and found this thread:

image.module and teaser

The fix therein removes the picture from the frontpage, but does NOT show the thumbnail. So, does anyone have any idea how to make drupal display the thumbnail of picture nodes on the front page?

Classifieds module?

Has anyone developed/developing. Or thinking of developing a classifieds module as people on the site I run are begging for classifields to sell stuff on.


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