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Updating archive.module

Hello lads/lasses,

Just to let you know that I'm currently modifying the archive.module to meet my custom requirements.

The user story involved is that of a business user extracting a time-span of nodes (eg this week's, this month's, x to y etc) and presenting it in a streamlined presentation (no boxes etc) which can then be saved and emailed out to people (and later automated of course with _cron! Only local images are allowed. )

My first iteration will involve modifying archive_page to allow for more form-input, including the ability to hide the form itself. Something along the lines of:

I'm also going to restrict the node types to stories only.

Let me know what you think!

modules should be classes?

Just a generic thought for the future, I'm reading the docco on module development, and while the hooks are fine I guess would a better solution be for all modules to extend a base "Module" class (abstract) that defines the interfacel.

Then perhaps you could variable variables to dynamically name classes to call methods, something like


Drupal Architecture Diagram?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if there is a Drupal architecture diagram(s) - I think some nice diagrams would help understanding how everything fits together.

I'm thinking class diagram, rendering pipeline (sequence diagram?) ER diagram for the database etc.

Always good to keep a systems documentation up to date Only local images are allowed.


Events Module

I was about to start trying to develop an Events module when I found one already started. Only local images are allowed. Now, there are a couple items that I'd like to ask about:

  1. Is there any way to delete images?
  2. Will this have a link to the Images Module, someday?
  3. Are there any plans to add other type of events?

Let me explain better what I mean in #3. I'm working on a family website, and one of the goals in my list, is to be able to see and plan all kind of events on-line. So, what I meant about by other type of events, is, more fexibility on the dates.


Family Reunions - One specific date


Birthdays - Once a year, always same date.

Anniversaries - Same as BDays

Vacation Planning - Range of dates

Family reunions - All sort of weird date math:

  • Go see grandpa every month, on the 12th.

  • Cousins outing, every other week, on Sat.

  • Call mom, long distance, every 10 days.

  • etc. etc.

I'll try to start looking to see if I can help with any of this, some dates are easy, some are not as easy. Besides, I'm totally new to Drupal, I've been only using it for 2 weeks.
Hey, 2 weeks and I already have my site up and running, and mostly translated!! Only local images are allowed.

Thanks for reading!

PD: I tried using the -triple dash- delimiter, but didn't work Only local images are allowed.

Please help me write a quiz module

Would you help me write the code?

I am a newbie to Drupal and I would like to wirte a quiz module that would allow users to create interactive multiple choice flashcard style quizzes.

I know how to do it in html, however as I am very busy at work I don't have the time to learn everything from scratch. I am looking for a developer to team up with me to write the code.

Here is what would be required in the input form



Text Area to input tab-delimited text or ...

Two Step Data Entry in custom node.

I'm creating a new module and need some help on the module_form() hook.

Here's what I'm trying to achieve:
1. User clicks on "create new vocabulary list"

2. User is presented with a text entry field and asked to enter the number of vocabulary words are in the list.

3. User clicks a "continue" button.

4. User is presented with 'n' text entry fields for their vocabulary words. (where 'n' is the number they entered on the previous screen).

5. The user fills this field out and things continue as with any other node.

Here's what I've done so far (in psuedo code):
if ( I know the number of words){
display form for textfield
else if ( this is an update ) {
create the form based on the number
of records in the database.
else {
Create form using number of words
entered on the first screen.

Here's the problem:
- The first form displays with a "preview" button. Adding an "add" button (form_submit("Add")) makes it confusing and returns a thank you for your submission page.

Here's what I thought of while typing this question up:
1. Create a new function module_request_wordcount() calling form(), form_textfield() and form_submit(), where the action is op=add&type=modulename&wordcount=$n.
2. Modify the module_link()
if ($type == "menu.create" && user_access("post content")) somehow points to the new function.

Is this a good way to handle this problem? Is there a better way? What should the modify module_link() code look like? I don't really understand how those arrays are used.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
- Joe


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