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Using hyperlink to set locale cookie.

I have written a function within locale.module to display a block with hyperlinks that I want to use to set cookies similar to the following:

$path = preg_replace("/.+\/\/[^\/]+(.*)/", "\$1/", $base_url);
setcookie("locale", 'en', time() + 3600 * 24 * 365, $path);

Can anyone explain how to set such a cookie - e.g. the format of the link and the required location of the code above?

New Module: Wordfilter for filtering posted content

I wanted this functionality for my site and I didn't see it built in anywhere in Drupal. You can enter word/phrase pairs, such as "crap" and "crud". Wordfilter will search for all instances of "crap" and replace it with "crud". It is case insensitive and you can use regex expressions.

Try not to be too restrictive, I don't want to create a big brother / 1984 thing here (e.g. replacing "great" with "double plus good" ... shudder), but I want some control over my site without the burden of moderation.

displaying tables/html content in center window

I am looking for a way to:

1. display static content in the main viewing window in the form of an HTML/Table that I can create using my Web page editing program without the Date/time/author stamp.

2. display a link to that content in the nav bar (dynamically or manually)

I am trying out Drupal for use on a corporate web site. The web site is geared toward service related sales, and hense the content I need to display is not dynamic. It is a predesigned sales piece. I would be looking to to this without the additional functionality of a CMS, but my client desires the security of a good user database. They also need the functionality of a "latest news" section.

The difficulty comes in where it seems that Drupal can accomodate my need to create static html and display it, but it doesn't link on the nav bar and it also lists the author and date created at the top. I want the display of the static content which is linked to from the nav bar to be listed without any publishing (date/time/author) information as it is a sales piece directed at the visitors.

these sections that I want to display are predesigned tables that I will fit to the size of the viewport. Initially I was attempting to modify a pre-exsisting module for this type of use as it appears that the modules should be able to accomodate my needs, however I am a designer, and only have a rudimentary grasp on PHP. Because of this I have been unable to create a hacked version of a module to acomodate my needs..

The Amazon module doesn't work with 4.3.2

I just setup drupal 4.3.2 in my site.and download Amazon module Amazon 4.2.0 (event CVS version) .
After I install amazon module,and set it enable. but not found any setting menu in "administer panel".

Any suggestions?

Thank you ver much.

Module for long stories

Is there a module that divide too long stories. I have a article site with lots of articles. Some articles are just too long for one page. Is there a way to build stories which are too long like "page 1", "page 2" or "previous" "next"
Thank in advance

New module to add items to the top nav menu

So, maybe I did this the hard way, but I couldn't find any easy way to just add a link to the top menu. I didn't want to do it in conf.php which apparently overrides the module menus. So, I whipped this up in a few minutes of copy & pasting from other modules.


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