Specefic CSS for different node display

I choosed drupal to make a small application that allow me to insert people data and print a 3 differents types of vouchers, one for the person, one for me and the last as an archive.
To create a different type of node displays i used the Display Suite module .
The problem is that i want to theme those differents display by adding custom headers and static text on the header and the footer to print it later.

Is there any way to do that? custom module?contribution module?
Thank you

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The Poultry provides a fluid, responsive theme customized to make RedHen easier to use and prettier to look at.

Theming Guide

This handbook is about changing the look and feel of a Drupal site.

Changing Site Appearance

In the administrative settings you can modify the appearance of the theme in 3 ways.

  1. Simply find a prefabricated provided by Drupal or get one on a third party website and modify the theme settings.
  2. Copy an existing theme and then change or extend the code.
  3. Build a complete theme from scratch.

What else can you do?

Themes make Drupal websites beautiful – and Themers are the bridge between the science of code and the art of design.
You can do more with a theme than change the appearance of an entire site. It is also possible to "theme" specific sections of a site, certain types of content, or even individual pages or an specific regions. For example, your theme could specify a different look for just the front page of your site,or your theme could specify a different look for just the particular region like sidebar first,header, etc.

Some other things that you can do with a theme are:

  • Change layouts, regions, images or fonts
  • Hide or display fields dependent on user role
  • Dynamically respond to changes in the content or to user input
  • Modify or replace text (e.g. labels or attributes) and variables generated by modules
  • It's also possible to port open source designs between other systems (Joomla! templates, WordPress themes, etc.) and Drupal, or convert any website layout or template into a Drupal theme

Other Places to Explore

Or you can also use the drush command to make sub theme from existing parent theme.

The drush command for making sub theme is:

drush "parent theme name" "my theme name"

Example: If you want to make sub theme from the "zen" parent theme using drush command, the command is

drush zen "my_zen_theme"

After running this command you can check inside sites/all/themes folder where a theme folder will be created by name: "my_zen_theme".
For more details you go to ""



You are currently viewing the official Zentropy documentation.

Facebook-style Statuses: Theming

The information on this page should help themers style the Facebook-style Statuses module.

Styling an individual status update

Most of the time you will see status updates in Views. To style status updates in Views you can usually just edit the view to provide the fields you want (although the defaults will work for most people) and then use CSS to add whatever styles you need. If you need to do something more advanced, you can override the Views theme templates.

To theme individual status updates not in Views (for example on example.com/statuses/SID) you can override facebook-status-item.tpl.php. Copy this file to your theme's directory, edit it as desired, and then refresh your theme registry cache. You can learn more about theming for Drupal at Overriding theme-able output in the Drupal handbook. facebook-status-item.tpl.php has documentation in it that explains what variables will be available to you for display. (Of course, if you only want to make simple changes, you can usually just do it in your theme's CSS file.)

Zero Point & Black Hole

Zero Point and Black Hole are advanced HTML5 themes developed by Dr. Radut, with layout and style configuration options built in that you can control through Drupal's UI, to be ideal for a wide range of sites, from blogs to corporate sites.

The themes validate XHTML Strict, CSS 2/CSS 3, and are cross-browser compatible. These clean business themes are optimized for e-commerce with Ubercart.

Starting with versions 7.x-3.x, the themes validate HTML5/CSS3 with no errors.

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