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Taxonomy term linked to CSS class

Could that be interesting?

see: style and link colors

I guess this is the best forum for this post.

Is it possible the style sheet could be updated so that in the blue title bar across the top, visited links are a different color?

As it stands now, for me visited links are 1 slightly darker shade of blue than the background.

Just pointing this out in case it hadn't come up.

(Having the links on the left is much nicer by the way)

Hide the author name and post date for certain nodes

I'd like to modify the way the story nodes display. Is this something I should do in the module creating an _page function, or can it be done in the theme?

For maintenance reasons, I think my preference would be to modify the theme. Here's what I'd like to do.

Currently, story.module displays the following:
   Node Title
   author : Submit Date
   node links : node links : node links...

Hacking away at Xtemplate

I'm trying to hack Xtemplate, and have some probs.
As I'm far from an expert in either CSS, HTML or PHP I have had a hard time figuring out how it works.
I'm trying to get a black 5px border around my content area and center it in the middle of the screen.

Selected theme only used on the user account page

I have a strange problem; when I logged in as normal user change the theme to something else than the default this new theme is only used on the user acount page. Other pages still use the default theme. Any ideas to what could be the cause of this and how to remedy it?

non javascript version of Goofy?

I have noticed that Goofy seems to play up a little with some themes. the Gallery module and private message modules are the 2 ive noticed most. They work fine with the Unconed module tho. So I have decided it must be the fact goofy seems to use javascript to create the pages.

I have tried converting it to not use javascript. But knowing very very little javascript and only limited php i didn't get very far. As I could understand what the php was doing. But no idea how the javascript part was working!

Anyone able to make a version of goofy that would work?


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