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DrupalCon Barcelona early bird ticket for sale

I have a spare DrupalCon Barcelona ticket for sale at the early bird price.

Happy to sell for £250.

I also have one ticket for the Business Summit on the Monday which I'm happy to sell for £125

Please contact me at

San Diego Drupal Users Group: MeetUp

WHEN: April 1st 7-9pm
WHERE: Co-Merge, 330 A Street San Diego, CA

This month's MeetUp will feature a roundtable discussion on best practices around:

• Hacking Core
• Embedding business logic code in the theme
• Making direct SQL calls from template files
• And more!

We'll follow up with lightning talks, 3-5 minute talks that YOU bring to the table. It can be something that you have a question on, a new module you discovered, or anything else Drupal-related that you would like to share.

Drupalcon Europe violates Drupal Code of Conduct

I find myself now in a position where attendance at Drupalcon Europe is possible for me, at least work-wise. But the Drupal Association and the European Drupalcon organizers have nonetheless made it impossible due to scheduling gaffes.

In 2013, 2014, and again in 2015, Drupalcon Europe took/takes place during the Jewish High Holidays - in Prague during Rosh Hashanah and for Amsterdam and Barcelona during Yom Kippur, for Jews the two most important holidays of the year. In 2015 it also coincides with Eid al-Adha, an important Muslim holiday.

DrupalCafé October Netherlands - topic: Testing

Drupalcafé is an open meeting forum, for- and by Drupal enthusiasts. Drupalcafé features presentations, open discussions and inspiring demonstrations that promote knowledge sharing of Drupal. While enjoying a drink, we present and discuss relevant developments with regard to the Drupal open source software, but also adjacent topics. For Drupalcafé October we are pleased to announce participation of Sogeti to put the topic of testing in the spotlight. Sogeti will give a presentation about structured testing in theory and in practice.

drupalcon keynote streams access denied

Hi Folks,

Quite excieted to watch the keynote streams live on

However I clicked on the link for the any of the individual pages, for dries keynote or Cory Doctorow keynote I got “an access denied, you are not authorized to access this page” message.


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