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Add Drupal GovCon events to profiles

Add Drupal GovCon events to profiles

learning new something about this platform

how to confirmed member here.

Drupalcon 2018 vs account

I've not found a better place to ask this, I've signed up for Drupalcon tickets and am unable to claim them because the email addy I used to identify myself is my work account. Clicking the redemption code link prompts this error:

Pulling account failed: maybe there is a typo or their email doesn't exist on

OK, I'll be a account holder long after I leave where I'm working now. It seems to be a failure that I can enter in an email I want under:

DrupalCamp Israel Tel Aviv- 21.11.2017 -Google Campus, TLV

DrupalCamp TLV 2017

All welcome!


Google Campus, TLV

Looking forward to see people from around the world coming to join us
if you need any help coming to Israel and set up your stay please contact
me in private!

Drupal Cafe Utrecht 30 maart 2017

Het volgende Drupal Cafe staat alweer gepland. Wil je meer weten over Thunder distributie en Media in Drupal 8 , houd dan 30 maart vanaf 17:30 vrij in je agenda!

Dick Rensema (@dutchyoda) gaat alsnog vertellen over het gebruik van Media in Drupal 8. Wat zijn de veranderingen t.o.v. Drupal 7, in welke status zijn verschillende modules en welke mogelijkheden zijn er.

Dimiter Geelen (@MrDidel) gaat het hebben over de Thunder distributie. Wat kan je er allemaal mee en wanneer kan je deze het beste toepassen?


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