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Drupal Cafe Utrecht 26 january 2017

New year and new opportunities. We have 2 beautiful presentations arranged for you:

Eelke Blok (@eelkeblok) will give a presentation about Configuration Management in Drupal 8.


Dick Rensema (@dutchyoda) will talk about the use of Media in Drupal 8.

If you are interested to give a presentation at the DrupalCafé, or you have an idea for a subject, let us know at or via Twitter @drupalcafe.

How to get there

Register event participant

Hi all,

I am not a developer and just a normal user.

I have a problem in registering event participant. Once clicked in, it will allow you adding contact for event. In the default, it can only add one event per time. Whenever the activity is having 4 sessions (due to recurring), then i have to add 4 separate times which is very inconvenient.

I know that there is shopping cart function for handling this but I think this method is not convenient too as it needs to enter email and name several time.

Add Drupal GovCon events to profiles

This really needs to happen.

I've been to Drupal Gov Con two years in a row and presented this year, but there isn't a place for me to list that on I also helped with training and participated in the Ask an Expert area at Drupal Gov Con.

Drupal Gov Con has become a fairly large event. The session I presented had 150 people in it. It's only going to get bigger and bigger.

Meet up in Melbourne

Hi everyone,

I would like to have an social event of Drupal in Melbourne. I am a newbie here and would like to know more. Anyone keen?

CiviCon Colorado 2016 - Conference... May 31st through June 8th

I know this isn't Drupal specific, but many of us are using CiviCRM with our Drupal installations, so I thought I would share this here...

Register now to attend the 2016 North American CiviCRM conference will be held in Fort Collins, CO from May 31 to June 8! Session tracks have been designed to meet the needs of beginners, administrators, implementers, and developers, so there is a skill track in place for every CiviCRM user!


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