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Showcase have moved to Case Studies section

Drupal Showcase have moved to the Case studies section.

When to create case study

  • you want to showcase Drupal website
  • you can provide description of the project
  • you can provide technical details of the project e.g. modules used etc.
  • you wish your case study to appear at the Featured section and on the front page

Before creating Case Study make sure to check guidelines.

When to post in this forum

  • you just want to know what people think about your site
  • you just want to write couple lines of text with site url and don't want to submit long case study
  • site is very simple and uses common theme
  • you don't want or can't provide description of the project and technical details

How to migrate your case study to new section

If you already posted case study at this forum but want it to be at the new case studies section instead:

My Website

I am a web developer and online marketer.
I have been working with Joomla as my CMS of preference in the past 6 years and feel I wish to migrate to Drupal given the outstanding feedback I have received over the last year.

SFWchk - Is it clean? Or is it pr0n? Let the A.I. decides!

Hi all, I would like to introduce you my new Drupal project: SFWchk is a dead simple & user friendly content checker for offensive / adult images. Built on Drupal 7 & famous open_nsfw model (Python / Caffe in Docker) just for fun :-) Try at

Personal Website on AWS

Hi everyone,

Built in a week:

I've also created a showcase page for this project.

Website slideshow

Website Slideshow allows you to create fullscreen slideshows out of any collection of webpages you may create. This has a lot of uses:

Handmade by Tina - Ubercart based resource

Hello, everybody!

Please, pay some attention by evaluating website.

Firstly, main interest to me - your opinion about Kewpie-menu from main page.

2 - Visual comfort for users
3 - Content delivery speed from cache

And would be grateful to get your remarks about other aspects.

Unique thing of this project - proper-built internationalized taxonomy menu (catalogue), which is rendered according to lang= context.

Thank you for visiting!


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