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Showcase have moved to Case Studies section

Drupal Showcase have moved to the Case studies section.

When to create case study

  • you want to showcase Drupal website
  • you can provide description of the project
  • you can provide technical details of the project e.g. modules used etc.
  • you wish your case study to appear at the Featured section and on the front page

Before creating Case Study make sure to check guidelines.

When to post in this forum

  • you just want to know what people think about your site
  • you just want to write couple lines of text with site url and don't want to submit long case study
  • site is very simple and uses common theme
  • you don't want or can't provide description of the project and technical details

How to migrate your case study to new section

If you already posted case study at this forum but want it to be at the new case studies section instead:

Started of in a bedroom, I am now here.

So I never new any kind of html 4 years ago. I spent so much time self teaching myself, starting from the bottom, but hell we have all been there.

Fast forwards to I am...


New whois protection service built on Drupal:

Just wanted to spread a word about a new Drupal project on for protecting the domain name whois information.

Gamingclan Website By Slimbips

Hey Guys,

With som ehelp of my little brother i managed to create my own gamingclan website with drupal :).
It works really great and im very happy with it, check it yourself @

greets slim

Request for feedback:

Wits End Wizardry

This website was originally constructed in-house for the purposes of advertising our website design business, Wits End Wizardry.

We're fully aware that the site has notable issues, primarily with mobile responsiveness, and are looking to rebuild this site in due course (looking at Bootstrap Business for this purpose).

Introducing Drupal Free Themes lists nearly 2,300+ Contributed Drupal themes as of Decemeber, 2016. Currently themes display page is treated the same way as the modules display page with too much information such as development status, maintenance status, Issues, etc. Also I think the the most important filter is missing in the project theme page. All themes are not categorized based on the purpose they will be used for such as blog, photography, business, e commerce, etc


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