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Trouble finding the right Contextual Filter in Views


I have a content type called Lead and another called Properties. The Lead node uses a Views Entity Select Widget with Entity Reference to select properties and add them to a field called Selected Properties.

What I would like to do now is use Views so when the Lead page is viewed the Properties are displayed in a block (this way I can flesh out the fields and use views to manage the display). I am having trouble finding the right Relationship/Contextual Filter pairing for this.

I have tried this:

Clean URLs works, but /user does not

Ran into a weird issue. Clean URLs are working throughout the site, but the /user and /user/login do not work. I can log in using ?q=user or ?q=user/login, but I need /user and /user/login working.

How to display a vocabulary field in a content type?

Hello, I'm trying to figure out how i can display a field from a taxonomy term in a content type.

I have a taxonomy vocab that has a image field, i cannot figure out how to get this image to display on a content type display view.
Currently i can only display a dropdown list of the vocabulary terms. i would like to have the image displayed once a vocabulary term is selected by the end user. Any ideas?

PDOException: SQLSTATE[22018] error msg?

Hi Everyone,

Anyone know what this error message means?

PDOException: SQLSTATE[22018]: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '248,9' to data type int.: SELECT td.[name] AS [name] FROM {taxonomy_term_data} td WHERE ( ([td].[tid] IN (:db_condition_placeholder_0)) ); Array ( [:db_condition_placeholder_0] => 248,9 ) in views_handler_argument_term_node_tid->title_query() (line 43 of D:\webroot\fwc_2\docroot\sites\all\modules\views\modules\taxonomy\views_handler_argument_term_node_tid.inc).

Customize ecommerce


In a drupal commerce want to do that, when a user adds a product to the cart, prompted some data customization. The fields to be filled, will differ depending on the product chosen.

How do I do?



Editing the footer content

We had a developer build our site almost 2 years ago and we need to change the copyright content in the footer. How do I change that?


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