Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

Data & Files Out Of Sync?

I have a question about having Drupal data out of sync with the files on the webserver.

We recently had a problem with our webserver, which required us to re-install Drupal. Fortunately, our database was backed up, so we were able to restore the data from a few days past. Additionally, we had some, but not all, of our files - images, PDFs, CSS/LESS, etc. I would estimate we have about 85% of the files.

How to add tool bar to a field


I would like to add a toolbar to drupal field (i.e. body) field. Can you please advise I can do it?



Is anyone able to give me some tips why my site is so slow?

The website is... http://www.usedmercedesbenz-sales.co.uk

I'm using an nginx cluster shared hosting package.

I'm with Fast Hosts

I've enabled load balancing, and a boost service they offer, as well as upgrading to a low contention database.

The site is quite basic and doesn't have a huge amount of modules installed.

It's just extremely slow to load and can't work out why.

Fast Hosts keep insisiting it's fine.

Help with lost permissions

I am new to Drupal.

Some of our roles have lost the ability to publish blog posts and pages. The publish option is no longer there. It was a couple of days ago. I believe this is version 6, and the only thing that has been done has been emptying the cache.

I don't see any publishing options in permissions.

Any help would be appreciated.

JohnR Llewellyn

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '_drupal_session_open' (T_STRING), expecting '('

A while back someone hacked into my site. Aside from the large amount of files I've never seen before, after deleting them I am getting an error on my homepage. I don't see any other file manipulation other than the folder and 'movies' they added.
I get the following error at the homepage of www.bigrookgames.com

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '_drupal_session_open' (T_STRING), expecting '(' in /home/bigrookgames/bigrookgames.com/includes/session.inc on line 31

hook_taxonomy_term_update in Drupal 8


how to use hook_taxonomy_term_update in drupal 8?


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