Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

HTML intro to replace Flash

Hey guys, I am currently doing some volunteer work for a local farming advocacy bureau and they are having me work on their website. I have no experience with Drupal but was able to update the outdated core. It is currently running Drupal 6.35 (yea I know but I am not about to do a complete update with very little knowledge of the system) and has a nice little flash .swf intro page running off the Flash Node module. Well its 2015 and flash is out. I already extracted the .swf file and had Swiffy convert it to a .html.

drush: file_get_contents(Console/Table.php)

I installed Acquia Devel Desktop and later uninstalled after deciding it wasn't for me. Now, every time I run drush, the output begins with:

file_get_contents(Console/Table.php): failed to open stream: No such [warning]
file or directory environment.inc:137

I can find no Table.php anywhere on my local installation or on my staging and production server. I have not run into a drush command not working because of this error.

I uninstalled drush and re-installed it. That didn't help.

Help with feeds anyone?

I need help with something, if it is even possible. I have a feed that I would like the user to be able to export from a view. One of the fields is an entity reference field from a global view. When I create a feed from the page where the amount is displayed, it doesn't carry over to the feed (csv file in excel). I can see the amount in the preview at the bottom of the page but not in the exported file.

Test environment


How can I test the changes that I want to make to my site before actually committing them?
I'm talking about:
- code change (e.g. adjusting a theme here and there...), testing a new CSS, or troubleshooting a javascript as well as:
- upgrade modules
- upgrade drupal core

all the above can result in your site being dysfunctional (for a reason or another...)

Is there a common practice? a module that might allow you to first try it out and then publish it to the live environment?

How do i display a view block inside a view page?

using views i was able to create a block that i need on a page. however i need to be able to add more blocks that are not so similar and use different heights and widths. i wanted to assign regions to these blocks using a page.tpl.php but that would mean these regions would be loaded on every node page. instead i was wondering if a Views page would be able to load a views block inside it.

assign taxonomy to user based on location during registration

I am using profile2 to organize two different kinds of user registrations. Ordinary users need to input their location, which (using workflow and location) will plot their location on a map. However, the "facilitator" user needs to manage users only within their region. All countries in the world have been divided into predefined facilitator divisions. So for example Tunisia would be located in the "Middle East North Africa" division.


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