Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?


I use Simple Dialog to show a small webform in a popup window, once the user hits a button "Send me a reminder". The form has 4 fields: name, e-mailaddress, name of the course and preferred date for the reminder.
I want to use Rules to send the e-mail but it seems rather complex.
For the moment I have:
event: when a webform is submitted
condition: the webform has a namevand I used the id of the webform. I need a second condition that compares the "preferred date for the reminder" with the date of "today". I don't succeed in this part.

PDE Exception: SQLSTATE[42S02] OH DEAR, what have I done!

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm back again asking for more help!

I thought I would tackle an error message that appeared on my site quite some time ago. I tried to ignore it as I didn't know how to deal with it, but, it keeps showing up in 'Reports' and won't go away!

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'pamsdb.vocabulary' doesn't exist: SELECT vid, name from {vocabulary} order by name; Array ( ) in taxonomy_block_admin_settings() (line 24 of C:\xampp\htdocs\mysite\sites\all\modules\taxonomy_block\taxonomy_block.settings.inc).

Entity reference doesn't recognize newly added content

hi there!
I have created a site that has products and reviews on products, and used Entity reference to relate them.
It worked perfect until I have imported new content from a .CSV file.
The reference field doesn't recognize the newly imported content and I cant select it on the product review page as I did with previous content.
Any suggestions why?

Disqus caches or updates slowly

Hello everyone,

I have installed the disqus module on my drupal 7 installation. I have gotten to the part where I have a block with recent comments and another block which shows how many comments that specific article has. Now when I comment to an article it takes around 10-15 minutes before it shows (on my homepage) the updated (new) comment count and recent comments. Also it says for like 10 minutes long that the comments are places 9 minutes ago, before it gets updates.

Global Math Expression: Net Present Value (NPV)

Here's the expression for calculating up to 15 years of annual cash flows, yielding the Net Present Value. I do hope it saves some time for others...simply copy and paste in the Expression entry of Views, after adding the "Global Math Expression". Obviously, your field names will need to be reflected in the following:

"SMTP Authentication Support" worked ... one time

Drupal 7 is on a localhost server (KSWeb) and works (almost) perfectly.

"SMTP Authentication Support" has been loaded and activated;
as I don't perfectly understand how it works (though I read much about it !!!), I tried many different configurations with "enable debugging" and "send test e-mail";

and it worked once !!! ... among many others, whose logs aren't very detailed, and I don't get back the correct configuration. :(


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