Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

How to design before I develop drupal site


I would like to know how I can design the layout of each page before I start developing any drupal site? Do you recommend any kind of free software?


Single cart for single product

I am using ubercart for my ecommerce website. I want to use the cart, single product wise instead of all added products in a single cart. more clearly if user select product "A"-price $30 & "B"- price$40, first product should show with total $30 in a cart with count 1 of 2 and second product should show with total $40 in another cart showing count 2 of 2. please help.

Mobile SEO per Google guidelines

Hi everyone,

I am brand new to Drupal, having just joined Acquia from Sitecore (and previously Vignette/OpenText, and IBM), so please go easy on me. ;)

After poking around a bit in the forums, it sounded like this might be the best place to pose my question. I'm doing a little research on SEO as it relates to Drupal. Specifically the tools that are available to users of Drupal that create a competitive advantage.

Full Optional Full Calendar!

Here a huge question for the community!
I will try to short as possible my question!
I have a content type "Contract", in which there's scheduled a week of working days.
On each day there're the amount of the hours, the job time frames and other stuff.
Now I have to develop an interface "calendar style" (one for each user) in which each week represents the same schedule of the "Contract".
The user should have the possibility to modify each field of each "day job".

Cannot change theme settings

I have setup drupal 7.39 on Debian 8 with PHP 5.6.9.

When I go under appearance then select a theme and make any change (accept enabling a theme) Drupal does not accept the changes. An example would be to change the color scheme in Bartik or add a logo under global settings.

I have set this up multiple times on fresh installs following directions as closely as possible. I have also given www-data ownership of the directory tree to try to eliminate permissions issues. Is there something I am missing here?

Addressfield Autocomplete Module "Without using Google Places API"

A few months ago I found a Module similar to Addressfield Autocomplete >>> Addressfield Autocomplete but did not use "Google maps API autocomplete". My problem is that I do not remember the name of this Module. I tried for a long time but can not find. Any suggestion for this Module? Sorry for me bad English :)

Many Thanks


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