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Slick carousel and colobox video / image display

I have set up slick carousel field formatter in a content type and used a field to store images & videos (youtube links). I have set up the carousel to dispay images & videos and to open colorbox when the main image is clicked. This works fine for the images but when the colorbox opens a window to display the video content all I can see in the overlay is the arrows to move to the previous/next content and a close button and an empty square where the video should be playing. I can hear the audio playing but cannot see the video.

Link to image showing empty video colorbox.

Error 500 retrieving images files.

I just moved my drupal installation to other host, and i getting error 500 when load any image inside sites folder, i know its related to the htaccess, because when i delete it all works fine, but is there fore a security reason so i want have it.

# Turn off all options we don't need.
Options -Indexes -ExecCGI -Includes -MultiViews

Temporary Content

Hi All,

I have a Content Type "Contacts" and another named "Tearsheet"

So that my users don't accidentally delete any contact, I want them to move these contacts to the tear-sheet before making any changes to them.

Any change that's made of a contact within the tearsheet, needs to reflect under the relevant contacts.

Are there any modules to achieve the above?

I am not a developer.

Please advise.


URL for viewing Custom Display modes > view mode

I have a single content type product with fields like price and downloads, I want a page for description and price and another page for downloads.

so far i have
Created content type with both price field and downloads field.
Created a custom view mode( Display modes > view mode) for price called 'price'
Created another custom view mode for downloads called 'downloads'
disabled download field from 'price' view mode
disabled price field from 'downloads' mode

after HTTPS and Cloudflare Boost not working

Hi everybody,

I implemnted HTTPS on the whole site, and run the site through Cloudflare (with the module).

The pages get cached by the BOOST module, but don't get served in the browser.

I tried everything...

How can I fix this ?


Combine two calendar views?

I want to make one views calendar with past events (filter date) that are not clickable and upcoming events (with a clickable link). How do I filter dates and then change the fields?

Any help very welcome...


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