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$snippet - unwantanted text


I have looked everywhere and I am the type to not ask many questions but I know someone here will have an answer so here goes.

I am using Apachesolr, with the attachments module and rich snippets. I can conduct a search and get a file back containing the text with a snippet ~300 characters long. All is good functionally. The problem I am having is cosmetic. At the end of the snippet the is a mimetype icon + "application/pdf" + "attached to" + a link to the node.

force style on views field view

Been struggling with this for a few days trying to create a slideshow of page views each containing multiple colorbox images.

It does warn in views for drupal 7 that with style settings if there is a block of html inline elements won't work.

Hardcode a TERM reference into a CONTENT TYPE

I have a content type where I would like to hardcode certain categories into the input screen. For example.... say there is a station called stationX. it is paired with a field ARRIVAL TIME. stationX is a TERM that is always included in the field and does not change. ARRIVaL TiME does change.

I was thinking of making the TERM a default then just deny the operator to edit the TERM field.

but seems like there should be a module for this.

upgrade of ACL module

I have got a reminder that an update for ACL is available for Drupal 7. What do I have to do besides copying the stuff to the module directory? Thanks for your help.
H. Stoellinger

.txt file field display formatter

I have uploaded multiple .txt files in a file upload field. The files have multiple columns which I do not want to wrap when displayed.
In views I would like to create a list of these files. When I click on a file I would like to view the .txt file in a fixed width window so that the browser doesn't wrap the lines on a small display device.
Is there a .txt formatter for views?
Or a way to force a browser not to wrap the lines on a small display? Forced horizontal scrolling would be great.

Article, Book, or Page Overlay Highlighting and Commenting

On my site I have a sections of "Novels" for authenticated users to view. Basically, I write stories and my friends and others have accounts where they login and read. Currently I am having them write comments for suggestions to the story, grammar, etc.

Several suggestions have come to make it more like a pdf overlay, commenting, highlighting rather than just typing a long segment below.


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