Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

Taxonomy and fields - happy for advice

After having spent an awful lot of time trying to understand the basics in Drupal and modifing a theme, it is time to start building, but first I would be happy for some advice about Taxonomy and fields. To start with I will present products and I promote things like safes and security cabinetts.

My idea is to put them in categories using Taxonomy.

* Category: Burglary protection
* Group: Safes
* According to standard: EN1047-1
*Grade: 3

display field list values horizontally


I have a list field, and want to show the options horizontally rather than vertically, i.e.,

Opt1 - Opt2 - Opt3 - Opt4

Rather than


The ability to set 'scale' labels to the left and right would be nice, the ability to show the label for each option field above the input field would be good as well.

This is a standard sort of layout for a scale question on a questionnaire.

Is there a display widget for this? How else can I do it?


Need advice - mail by anonymous users


I am building a community site. One of the requirements of this site is that the anonymous users should be able to send a mail to all authenticated users who belong to a particular city. I was trying to use the webform option but in webform, I had to again create the list of cities (although a field for cities exist in my registration form) and then manually add the email id of each member to the component list. Is there a better way or module for doing this?

Please advise.



How realize partly readable articles for unregistered users?


I am new here! My test site with several modules is already running on my localhost :-)

How is the best way to realize partly readable articles for unregistered users?

Unregistered users should be able to read some paragraphs of an article, then should appear an login box, if they are not registered or haven't an permission to read the complete article.

Thanks in advance


drupal site won't accept .co for an account

My Drupal 7 site will not allow someone with a .co email account sign up for a account. Please help. How would I make my site so someone with a .co email address would be able to sign up for an account.

drupal lockup

Hi everyone,

so i am setting up a new server and wanted to do some tests to make sure different website frameworks ran on it fine.

I have just installed drupal 7.34 on the server and every page will load and works except for a few pages which get to 30 seconds and time out, locking up the entire server in the process. I have tried a few other frameworks and these all work fine. Some of the pages i have found are:



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