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Drupal 8 site moved; login impossible

I developed a Drupal website in a subdirectory of my provider's webspace, and after completing it, I moved the site to root this morning.
After removing the subdir name in the settings.php and .htaccess the site is actually working!

Login solution with openid secure?

I'm currently building a website and want to force the users to use an openid following a certain structure. My simple solution is to add the prefix and suffix after getting the value from the login form.

  $claimed_id = 'prefix'.$claimed_id.'suffix';

This works very well but I'm concerned that this could be very easy to bypass.

Thank you

Drupal 8 - How to show UID in a wiew?

I have a website where some holistic Operator work together.
I have create a content type Operator-Article for any operator.
I also created a blog-view to show the articles of each single operator.
This view uses as the parameter the UID of the article author (operator).

For example fore the operator 70


I also created a view to show tle operators list in a table:
Photo | Name (link to curriculum page) | Read its articles (links to the blog-view)

How to allow multiple users to update the same Drupal website

As stated in the title.How do you setup or migrate the website files so different people are allowed to edit its content either statically or dynamically.

Thank you

Commerce 2.x: Lost installing the Demo Site

Per the documentation, I went to https://github.com/mglaman/commerce_demo to download and install the demo. But I am only seeing half of it.

First, I started with a raw test site where I installed Drupal 8 and the Commerce 2 package. Then I did the following in PuTTY per the instructions:

Drupal URL parsing

Our site recently had a pen-test performed and we had an item come back under HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP).

Does Drupal handle URL parsing, handling, and content determination (send a 200 or 404 etc) in core or through a module? I'm pretty certain this would be handled in core, but as I'm not sure, I thought I'd ask to be sure.

Any help or pointers on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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