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What is an intensive treatment of stretch marks?

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display problem about drupal8

when the install been completed,it display only text in front page,I found it has a file name .htaccess inside /sites/default/files,when I deleted this file ,the dispalay changes correct,but just minute,this file auto appear,and the display wrong again,I can not fit this problem,please give me advise please,thanks

Error message when view is empty

I use the Quicktabs module in combination with the DS suite and Views to add tabs in a node/content type. In a view I have set up 3 blocks that corresponds respectively to each tab and I use the contextual filter to fetch the right content for each tab.
Everything works fine so far.
But now, I have discovered that when I open a node that has no content in one or all of the tabs (because the corresponding block in the view doesn't produce any result) I get the message:

Site map module assigns random frequencies to content

I just created an XML sitemap in drupal 7. As i click on the 'rebuilt links' button, all my content pages are assigned random frequencies and the module does not give me an option to edit content frequencies.

For eg: I have 15 content pages and all these pages share the same content type. I assigned priority of 0.9 to this content type. As I hit 'rebuilt links', few pages were randomly assigned daily frequency, where as rest of the pages were given monthly frequency.

no ckeditor on Summary in Text (formatted, long, with summary) field

I have looked in many places this evening for instances of this problem & so far all I found were fixes on Drupal 7 (where it always worked fine for me). My apologies but I can't find where to look for potential issues with ckeditor now that it's in core (our site is on 8.0.0):


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