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Specific link not appearing in block

I have a custom menu with a specific link. This menu is set up to appear in a block in a sidebar. That link is not appearing. The link is supposed to direct to an add content form. When I place that link in another menu, in another block (the header), it works fine.

What should I be looking at in order to figure out the problem? What could I be missing? The block that is in the sidebar shows one of the links from the menu. It is just skipping a specific link.

Juicebox module XML

The Drupal Juicebox module as installed as an Article works well. Many options provide for flexible implementations. One function I have not been able to define is the ability to link an image to a separate page. The use of purchaseURL in JuiceBoxPro allows this by manually editing the XML file.

e.g. purchaseURL="http://www.lynnjaye.com/?q=media-gallery/detail/25/136"

Can this be done with the Drupal implementation?

Content types being disabled

Been developing a site for a while in D7 and recently updated to 7.36 when noticed several (not all) of my custom content types disappeared from all menus and node/add/my-content-type was no longer available.
q=admin/content listed all my content with the 'Type' missing from many entries (the types which had disappeared).

Entity Reference replacement pattern + Views

Hi guys,
I'm a drupal noob and have been stumped for a while now...
I have a use case where entity A has an entity reference to Entity B. I have created a view of Entity A. I would like to include a link field in the that links to another custom view where I pass the id of the Entity B entity reference, not the title, in the url. I've been trying to achieve this by creating a realtionship to the Entity B but the replacement token [entity_b_id] always returns the title, while I require the id. :(

Ubercart Product Catalog items sort next to each other instead of below each other?

How do I sort product catalog items in Ubercart next to each other instead of below each other using drupal?

How to get date values from field collection to a node?

I am trying to print the values from a field collection using following code in Drupal 7 node.But the date values are not getting.


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