Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

A lot of spam registration to my site

as you see in the attatched image, I am getting alot of spamming registration , I using Mollom module, honeypot module, captcha , even with the three running there is still alot of spamming registration .. Thanks alot .


temporary character According to art of

temporary character According to art of OUG no R endorsement enroll up residence at the new mention the residence after passing a year at the same address without an order to declare their residence there b the person is free to qualify housing as the main constant nun or secondary The second sentence of art Para OUG no republished seems to conflict with the constitutional principle of free movement of citizens in the country and abroad in its strict interpretation might conclude that any departure from the declared residence house would amount to invalidation cancellation residence

This webpage has a redirect loop


I just installed drupal at xxx.com/ab at hosting server.
I changed password of database.
I updated settings.php with new password and set to true $update_free_access = true;
When i go to xxx.com/ab, I get

This webpage has a redirect loop

at URL xxx.com/ab/install.php
I also tried to login in xxx.com/ab/?q=user, i cant.

I am not sure what else to do. Can you help?

Delete Yoast_seo module

I installed Yoast_seo for drupal8, but it adds a string at the bottom of each page. Now I cannot uninstall it because it has "field types in use". I also tried "drush dis Yoast_seo" command, it gives warning that it waits parametr 1 etc. but doesn't disable the module. How can I finally uninstall Yoast_seo?

Security Review module quesiton

so I have installed security review and one of the things it flagged is the webserver can write to all the directories in
sites/all/modules. Ok I see certainly see that as an issue, but it seems Drupal expects the webserver to be able to write into these folders or the available updates page would not be able to install new modules or update the ones you have installed.

so it would appear if I follow the recommendations of security review and make those directories/files read only to the webserver then some of Drupal's built in functionality will no longer work.


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