Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

Commerce Kickstart - how do I choose whether 'Promotional Code' appears on a product page or not?


Our website - www.buymythings.com.au - uses Commerce Kickstart and some products required a Promotional Code, while others don't. We manage the Promotional Code rules within Pricing Rules - by adding the SKUs of those products that can accept a promotional code into specific Pricing Rules related to specific codes.

Limit by node Drupal 7

I have one issue since some months.
For some nodes (clients in my Drupal), I can't add new files, I have one error that told me that the file exceeds the maximum size of the server (it's wrong ...!). I test the same file on one other node, it's good for the upload .. (the node it's smaller ...).

I can't find where I can configure the size per node (if it's the problem).

The message is :
Une erreur irrécupérable s'est produite. Le fichier transféré dépasse la taille de fichier maximum (60 Mo) autorisée par le serveur.

User Statistics

Is it possible to have user statistics like links visited and time spent on every page?

How do I enable PHP EVALUATION inside of the Rules ACCIÓN: "Modify multiple term access for role".

How do I enable IN THE RULES, "PHP EVALUATION" inside of the ACTION : "Modify multiple term access for role" (TAXONOMY ACCESS CONTROL LITE)

In this moment i can only to capture the Taxonomy term identifiers, however i need one variable to assign the value of Taxonomy term identifiers

Thank you very much

How to show taxonomy parent using views

I would like for user to enter any term and if parent term show all child terms and if child term show parent term. I tried empirically you know try this then that and couldn't get it. All help appreciated.

Backup & Migrate fails to restore on Windows Problem

I have searched the many posts on Drupal Forums about the Failure of the Backup_Migrate module to work on Windows. It can certainly backup both the database and the entire site; however, Backup_Migrate cannot restore any backup of the entire site. It can restore just a database backup.

What happens is that Drupal throws an Error with something about being unable to write to the temporary path. This is all well documented in these forum pages. Many people, (only Windows), have gotten this same result.


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