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Unknown module automatically creates loads of unwanted nodes

I have no idea why, but at every cron run, 10 unwanted and anonymous nodes are created on my website.
Their content type is "article", even though I have deleted this content type (I see it directly in the database).
Screencap here
I suspect the feeds importer to be responsible for this, but I find no way to confirm that or to stop it. Do you have any idea what it might be?

Addnode form title change

Please advice how can I change the title of addnode form? As I found out, it can be done by hook_preprocess_page or hook_form_BASE_FORM_ID_alter or hook_form_alter. What hook is better to use? Where it should be infixed? What module should be specified?

Export Redirects with UUID in Drupal 7

Hey guys!

1 - I have to export many redirects from one Drupal installation to another Drupal installation. I have tried the Path redirect module (https://www.drupal.org/project/path_redirect_import), but it does not work correctly because the module does not consider that the ID's of nodes, taxonomies and others entities are different from a Drupal installation to the another. Because of that, the export of redirect don't work as I expect.

Glossary Linking to wrong page in preview

So I have about 5 or 6 different glossary's on my site currently, they are just standard A-Z searches and then it refreshes the page to go to /pagename/s , they are all working on the site except one page, which on the hover the preview is going to a different page on the site where a different glossary is. It doesn't actually go when you click just shows on hover. It did have the same page name but I changed that and cleared the cache and still shows the other page and not the current one.

Show only published options in Views exposed select filter


I assume there is a module somewhere that will allow me to do this but cannot find it - how do I restrict a Views exposed select filter to only show published nodes as available options, or more importantly, not show unpublished nodes? Thank you!


Exposing Content Type, Manage Display Setting to User

I have created a content type that is used for book pages, using the Drupal Book module from core. The content type has alternate text (long text and summary) for different purposes. I can go to Structure|Content types|Manage display and make the text for one purpose visible and hide the text for other purposes. My book is then filtered for the chosen purpose.


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