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Turn phone number to click to call

I have a phone number on the site but when I view on mobile, it does not have the click to call function. It's just a string of text. I'm wondering if I can turn a number into click to call number.

Thanks in advance

-Edit: Solved with simple html tag

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found:


I installed webform and custom_webform_comments module. I logged in as admin and tried to add some comments. I got the below error. Can you please help?

Spam Page Requests

Hello! First forum post here, so I apologize if I break form or anything here!

I'm currently managing a medium sized Drupal (7.39) site with a few hundred users and lots of moving content (news story type content mostly) and recently we decided to pilot enabling comments on a few posts. This turned out to be a total mistake and we ended up with tens of thousands of spam comments (mostly our fault for not having a great spam module setup!). We promptly disabled the comment module, deleted the spam and thought we were done with it (and dropped the idea of having comments open).

Drupal documentation module

I need something like the module used for Drupal documentation.
Please let me know name of module.

How to display a date field with a calendar


Currently I am using DATE module in webform. It has 3 different fields YEAR, MONTH, DAY plus calendar. I simply like to have a text field with the current date as default value and the calendar with current and future dates. I don't want to have separate 3 drop down fields YEAR, MONTH, DAY. Can I update the DATE module or is there another module I should use?


Required Fields Not Being Enforced

I'm having an issue with a Field that's configured as required but is not being enforced, i.e. the User is able to skip and save the Node anyway.

What table in the DB can I check for further investigation?


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