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Draw the chart for calculation of Male and Female members year wise in Google Chart tool in Drupal 7

Kindly help me draw the Google chart Representating the data of user for Male and Female and its count like in Summary table in Views Summerize module.

Actualy i have registration page for members year wise.

As the year changes, the count would be changed....

I had used the Views Aggregation and like methods available in Tutorials, But unfortunalty not succeeded to get seprate column of male and female in Bar Chart

Reagarding Bitcoins

Is there amy module so that we can add bitcoins to the user account through any API
or any API that provide the functionality of add bitcoins to the user account through their API.So that i can implement in drupal.
Still i Didnt find one?
Anyhelp regarding this?/

GTranslate module bug in drupal 8

Hi everyone,

I have installed G Translate module in drupal 8. Everything is working fine, but small bugs will be there. i have select a open new window checkbox, but translation not open in window it will happen in the same window. Another one is i have selected English language, but African English will be translate in the first time of website opening.

i need to find a solution asap..

Thanks in Advance.
Pandiarajan R

Site breaks after I changed from bartik to bootstrap subtheme


My site is working on bartik theme. I just created bootstrap subtheme which is the default theme. I visited my site and site is a mess. Looks like css is not being applied entire site plus regions plus other issues. I am just not sure where to start.


Unable to install Message

Dear everyone,
I try to install module message. It failed and show me “ Unable to install Message, system.action.message_delete_action already exists in active configuration.

Could someone help me to solve this problem.
My drupal version is 8.18.

Create image grid

A few days ago I posted another question but didn't get any replies. I was asking how I could create an image grid with grey scale logos, that would saturate when hovering over them and would take you to their site when clicking on them. I know this is possible but because I didn't get any replies I'm now just asking how to create a simple image grid. I've been searching for days now and I'm starting to get really frustrated.. It would be nice to have a little step-by-step guide.



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