Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

SSL configuration in Apache

I need help to do SSL configuration for apache web service. I would like to know in which configuration file this has be done.

Add custom field in ubercart


I wanna add a custom field to ubercart checkout page, how to do it in codes?

I create a custom module(a empty module so far), but I don't which hook should I use?

I tried
function YOUR_MODULE_NAME_form_uc_cart_view_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state) {}

I dont see any changes on the checkout page


Problem products node import in Drupal Commerce

Hi everyone,

I use drupal 7, Commerce 7.x-1.13, Commerce Feeds 7.x-1.4 and Feeds 7.x-2.0-beta2.
I'm trying to import products node from CSV following this guide [1].
According to this last, the phases to be followed are:
- Change the parser to CSV
- Change the processor to Node Processor
- Choose the "Product Display" node type
- Set the author to yourself
- Under mappings
- - SKU -> GUID (and set unique target)
- - Title -> Title
- - Description -> Body
- - SKU -> Product SKU

Looking for module

Hello All,

I'm looking for a module that will allow me to specify allowed characters for text fields in content types.

Suppressing warning messages in the front end.

How can I suppress warning messages in the front end ? Thanks.

[SOLVED] Missing assets after move to new host

We have a Drupal7 web site running on a CentOS-6.8 virtualised host which employs a custom theme provided by a contractor no longer available to us. Part of the theme includes a logo which displays in an overlay at the top of each page.


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