Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

Windows File Permissions? How? Which User? Aaaaargh!

D8 on IIS w/ MySQL

On Windows Server 2012, and when i set up the site, i set the Anonymous Authentication to Application Pool Identity.

IUSR already has full permissions, but i keep getting errors stating that file permissons cannot be set for my subtheme and other permissions errors like "could not be moved/copied because the destination directory themes/subthemexxx is not configured correctly"

I'm a window noob, but pretty good at finding answers and i cannot find a definitive answer on this one.

Rules question...

Hi All,

Simple question about functionality.

I am guessing that you carn't write a custom rule and import into to rules?

I want to be able to get rules to check before creating a node, that the user creating the node has not already created another node referencing that one.

I am guessing that this is going to have to be custom written by me in php as per:

node coding rules videos

Adding a Media Library

Hi! I'm looking to add a media library to Drupal similar to the style of Wordpress (but hopefully better). I've been looking at different modules and it seems many don't do what I need it to do. All I need is a way to upload images to the site and use them in multiple places - especially in body text. Which module is best for that? I've looked at about 14 different ones and they either don't do what I need, or aren't actively maintained, or have security risks, and so on. Which one do you recommend?

Drupal 8 thumbnail images only appear to accept capital letters (JPG)

I have a simple Drupal 8 site, and if I load a standard image field with a ".jpg" extension, the thumbnail does not show, because the file for some reason does not get stored in the thumbnail directory. The address is /sites/default/files/styles/thumbnail/public/2017-02/. The main image gets stored correctly in /sites/default/files/2017-02/

If I rename the image to ".JPG" i.e. capital letters, the thumbnail is saved and displays fine. Is this an issue with Drupal 8, or my set up somewhere? My site is hosted on a shared Linux server.

TypeError: Argument 1 after module update

Hi all, I am really hoping someone has come across this before and can point me in the direction of a solution.

My drupal (8) site was running fine until yesterday when I updated a couple of modules (NB: I wasn't installing them fresh, rather updating). Now, I can't access the back end. The front end is still working fine, except for the 'contact us' page.

How to insert button "Add more" to add more fields?

Good day!

I make some content with field "country's". FIELD TYPE is Term reference, WIDGET is Autocomplete term widget (tagging). Whet i edit it i make Number of values - unlimited. But when i create a content - it is one field and nothing else (no button "Add more").

What shoud i do?


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