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Cancel Node Button

How to add a node Cancel button (and remove the Preview button) ?

Use case: The User populates the node form, then decides to hit Cancel button to exit the page and return to the previous URL.

screen capture

Page Categorisation and Multi-level Paths

I want to categorise my pages and see the category names in path. ex: instead of http://localhost/a-funny-story http://localhost/stories/funny/a-funny-story. What is the best practice? is it made with: pathauto,content type with a term reference of the taxonomy? is Node Hierarchy capable of doing this? It looks like a very old module.

Add Next/Prev link to Magnific Popup Article using Flippy


Is there possible to add Flippy field to the view?

Only local images are allowed.

First of all I'm very new to Drupal so if this question doesn't make any sense to you guy I'm sorry in advance

I create a Views of article which when click needed to be a pop up (Using Magnific Popup) which I follow this instruction here

After installing module in Drupal 7 - Administration Display changed

Hello. I am a newbie to Drupal and am in training. I installed a new site in Drupal 7 and added the "advanced help module". After installing it - the whole display changed on my administrator pages. Items are displayed flush left and they fill the page. I disabled and uninstalled the help module but it did nit change the display. Is there anyway to go back to the traditional back end display that originally came with a fresh install of Drupal?

Entity Registration, Registration email with relating Event titel

I have built an Event registration system with the Entity Registration module.. Works good. However, i can't figure out how i can provide the Registration email with a Subject titel of the relating Event.

After update colorbox to 7.x-2.8 ..don't work

i've make the update...and the colorbox plugin don't work :(

i've installed the last colorbox plugin...


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