Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

jQuery Table Of Contents (TOC): Everything done, nowhere to "select table of content to display.

1: I am using panels, have overridden the node pages using panels and everything seems to work alright.
2: I am using a content item that has three text areas, Intro (text area) , Geographical Distribution (text area) and additional content (text area, multi value). All text blocks in these are rendered starting with


then content.
3: I need a table of contents at the top of my panel page , listing all h3 items and linking to them.

Putting sites online

Well, I'm finally ready to put my five-site multi-site installation online. This community has been a great help in getting me to this point. So thank you all for that.

How To: Link Title to an Alternate Page in View

Hi everyone,

I've searched around for a way to easily link content titles to pages other then themselves, in a view. I figured out a rather simple solution and I figured I would share it with everyone should they ever need to do something similar.

Step 1.
Download and install Link Module.

Step 2.
Add a link field to the content type you're displaying in your view.

Step 3.
In your view, add 3 fields in the following order (order is very important):

Insert in the Node table

Our website was created with Drupal 6. We don't have the full Drupal installation - just the files and database. I need to make a modification. Since we don't have Drupal 6 on the website, I will need to insert the information into the tables. Our website has links on the right side of the page. I have to insert one external link. After reading many posts, I think I need to insert into the nodes, nodes_revisions, and menu_link tables, but I'm unsure. Can someone tell me which tables I would need to insert the record and the order, if any?

Thank you!

How do I store user information and retrieve it?

I am trying to build a web site and put a comments page. This comments page should have fields like Name, Address, E-mail ID, Contact Number and Comments, where a person who visits my site put their details (Much like a feedback book).Some of these fields like name, Contact Number and Comments would be made mandatory.

I would like to see these details later, and, take action to improve the site. Is there any module I can use or do I have to do HTML/PHP coding and store the info in a DB, and then later retrieve the info through code again?

Date Select Array Order - How to Reverse it?

Im working on a website with a content type that uses date fields. One field I have created allows people to specify a year (only). This field is using the select (date_select) widget, producing a dropdown for people to find a year. For practical purposes, I have set 1900 as the start date and the current year as the end date for this field, preventing people from selecting years before 1900. However, the one slight UI issue is the order within that dropdown. By default it lists the years in ascending order.


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