Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

Pay per post

creating a new website / forum and i need some tool or plugin to help me pay contributor per word similar to this one which is available for word press  https://postpaycounter.com/
any one can help me with that ?

Add a tab in the blog section

Is there a way to add a tab in the blog section, currently there's view and edit. Looking for an additional tab called delete. Can this be done on Drupal or do I have to edit the file code itself?

difference between custom compound fields and paragraphs?

I have a basic understanding of paragraphs versus a custom compound fields plugin. But could I get a more experienced explanation of the difference between the two and pros/cons of doing a compound field?

I'm finding a few situation where a custom field plugin might be more beneficial to me than just using paragraphs. 

I imagine there's a memory-saving factor with the plugin vs paragraphs. But could I get a couple opinions on pros/cons, etc.?

Also, do these compound fields work well with Search API, Solr and Views? Any gotchas I need to watch out for?

My website has been hacked, now what?

Two days ago I get the message from google that there is new owner of my website. I deleted verification token from my serwer and disable the new emeail from google Search Console. 

My hosting answer: 

According to our information, the operation allowing the authorization of a domain under Google Search Console was made based on an entry in the DNS zone, which can be accessed through the client panel.
In order to secure access to the Customer Panel, I recommend implementing 2-step verification

Ok followed the instructions. 

D8 - Field Permissions Equivalent for Comments?

Building one of my first sites in D8 (after tons in D7) and am loving the multiple comment types per content type.  I wanted to use the multiple comment forms as a way to manage forward-facing and internal-facing comments, one exposed to my internal team, and one to clients.  Is there a module like Field Permissions I can use to restrict access to each different comment thread?

Thank you!

smtp invalid email address

Getting the following error 

3 smtp Invalid address: %address 

How would I be able to troubleshoot this?


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