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Drupal 7 Ubercart product list with multiple tags/terms


I'm trying to make a website which consists of different products with Ubercart.
I thought, defining tags to products, is easiest way to go and not building catalog.

For example:
Product 1; tags: boys, age3to5, shovels
Product 2; tags: girls, age3to5, shovels
Product 3; tags; boys, girls, age3to5, age5to7, shovels

How to Install drupal to existing website

My website start at past years ago. my site running now on another CMS. but then i want change current CMS to Drupal.
site - meekiri.com

Error messages forms and z-index ?


With D7, Bartik theme, and horizontal menu (superfish).

I've got a form page which display error messages if some fields are empty.
My problem is that the error messages appears below my menu, so, some messages can't be read.

I don't find the error class in the css style, or other css files.

Could you help me to resolve this problem ?

Thanks for your answers,


Clean URLs - .htaccess file is removing images and css


Im really trying to get clean urls on 2 Drupal based websites Im creating. I have downloaded the .htaccess file and uncommented RewriteBase /

This does then bring up the tick box to use clean URLs, but in one site its removing the images, and on the other site its removing the font css.

Not sure what to add to correct this, I hope you can help. Here is the code I have

template copying


I had done some customization on local test, and now I am trying to go live, but it seems ain't going to be that easy.

First thing I did was to upload the theme I worked on (zen + the customized child), but when enabling, and setting the child theme (my_theme), the admin interface disappeared, and the only thing displayed was "go to my account", and logout, plus a piece of custom text I had put in page.tpl.php.

permissions after install


it says to set the permissions to
chmod 644 sites/default/settings.php
chmod 755 sites/default

I went to set those permissions using filezilla, and I see the already set to
444 > settings.php
555 > default

Shall I leave them as they are, or not?

Thank you


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