Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

URL Alias's and Slideshow

When I go to configuration, URL alias's I cannot see the patterns, setting, bulk updates, delete alias's. I am following a tutorial on youtube for drupal 7 and I am using the same so why am I not getting the same view?

Also, I have installed a slidershow in my modules but its not showing up on my front page, why?

Thank you

Load Balancing with HAproxy

Hi All,

Has anyone used haproxy to load balance there drupal system? I need to scale out, but I am running across an issue. I have 1 configured load balancer with haproxy set as leastconn (anything really) and 3 VM's under it. Database is on its own VM and the Public files are also on a seperate storage server.


Does anyone know how to unhide the dashboard so everythim I log in it shows up amongst the other features such as appearnce, confihuration etc etc

Thank you

Links to a local folder or directory.

Hello everybody. I just wanted to know if is there a way to link to a network file or share directories in oa in my home page. I don't know if maybe there is a module that allows me to do that, cause I was thinking to edit the oa-home-default.tpl.php and make it manually. But is there a way through oa?
Thanks a lot for all the help I've received till today.

only able to access one database (multi-site)

Searching for days. Using drupal 7 installed at d:\xampp\apps\drupal
Added testsite.biz folder to drupal\htdocs\sites with files folder and settings.php pointing to testsite database.
When I move the default database created by drupal install, the site wont load.
Tried: putting -@code $sites['localhost.testsite.biz'] = 'testsite.biz'; @endcode- inside sites.php
Tried: adding virtualhost in httpd-vhosts.conf file
Tried: Uncommenting - RewriteBase / - inside htaccess.conf

Prepopulate a Webform from another Node

Hello, I am running into the problem of translating field values from one node into another node. I have a page setup where an administrator enters four different rates in four different text fields. Another page allows a user to click on a given rate which then is suppose to link to a webform with the relative fields from that rate filled out. I have tried the prepopulate module to no avail. If someone has a suggestion on how to go about doing this I would be more than appreciative! Thanks!


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