Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

Layout of page is messed up

I just recently took on the webmaster position at my school. I was learning Drupal at a slow pace but making progress on updating and changing preexisting pages.

I did make a change that I can not seen to remedy. It has adjusted the view of the layout. The items that showed up on the right panel have now shifted to below the menu on the left panel. I huge mess that I can not fix.

I do not have the version of Drupal I am running... I am thinking it is out of date.

Error during update

Hello, I'm new and just getting my feet wet. A Google search turned up very little on this, presumably because it appears path-specific.

I've installed Drupal 7.35 on my Windows Server through the Web Platform Installer. The basic installation appears to have gone OK as I can access the site and play with the administration options.

I was prompted for an update and upon attempting to update here is the error I get:

Update failed! See the log below for more information. Your site is still in maintenance mode.

In a View how do i apply a class wrapper to two or more fields?

Hello Everyone,

Say i have a view that displays an Image, a node title, and some text from node body. how can i create a div wrapper that covers only the node title and node body?

I tried using the module Views Fieldsets but it is not working for me.


Author Taxonomy?

I'm looking to find an alternative to the default requirement of creating a user for each author. Something like the "Anonymous" user, except for contributors. I have a "Users" taxonomy, which lists contributors, but don't know how to replace the default author field with the taxonomy. Any suggestions on a solution?

Views Representative node relationship displaying ALL nodes of user

I'm trying to list the 12 latest nodes of each individual user in a Views block on my front page. I had no success doing so with the Contextual filter but I partially have some success with using the Relationship "User: Representative node" filter.

The thing is, it only shows one node per user instead of all the nodes. And I understand that because the Representative node says: Obtains a single representative node for each user, according to a chosen sort criterion.

So my question is: can I obtain ALL nodes for each user instead of a single one?

Undefined index: version in drupal_get_library()

I'm getting this notice 4 times on page load:

Notice: Undefined index: version in drupal_get_library() (line 4759 of C:\wamp\www\DesktopSite\includes\common.inc).

Not sure if it's the cause, but on my status report it shows plupload library as "not found", although it is placed in all/libraries/plupload, and the module is installed. I have tried installing both 1.5.8 and 2.1.8 libraries.


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