Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

different permissions for parts on a node (book page)

Hi folks,
can anyone suggest me a module or a way to permit different permissions for different parts of a node (possibly without programming code)?

how to show webform submissions in a view

How to show a webform submissions in a view i have tried many methodes but its not working can any one tell the way by which we ca access the form submissions in a view. there many answers of the fourm tells that select webform submissions data, but webform submission data is not appearing in the list

Comments form not displayed correctly (D8)

Hi all,
I recently joined a larger D8 project and I have got a strange problem.
My task is to add comments to a blog-article. I've done this several times on my own projects and it was working without problems.

I added several field to the comment-type, the 'comment'-field to the node-type, adjusted the form_views for node & comment. When I try to add a comment the the only field display is the comment's subject, no other fields appear. It does not matter whether I use the form as guest or as admin. It's the same in backend and frontend.

How to point to a vews page from another site


Drupal installed at xyx.com. I have a views page at xyz.com/viewsPage. Views page displays title links of nodes. Title links displays the content of body field in views page.

I have a separate subdomain in another domain at subdomain.ddd.com. I would like to display only the views page at subdomain.ddd.com.

So the same views page will display at xyz.com/viewsPage and subdomain.ddd.com. When I click any link in subdomain.ddd.com, I would like to see the contents in subdomain.ddd.com.

Data & Files Out Of Sync?

I have a question about having Drupal data out of sync with the files on the webserver.

We recently had a problem with our webserver, which required us to re-install Drupal. Fortunately, our database was backed up, so we were able to restore the data from a few days past. Additionally, we had some, but not all, of our files - images, PDFs, CSS/LESS, etc. I would estimate we have about 85% of the files.

How to add tool bar to a field


I would like to add a toolbar to drupal field (i.e. body) field. Can you please advise I can do it?




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