Drupal is up and running but how do I ...?

Rerun Function on page load.


I think I have a simple one. I'm new to Drupal 8 and have been playing around with creating custom modules and blocks. I created the below block that reads in the id variable from the url. I would like to have it update when the page loads. So for example the URL to the page is /node/Team and I pass the variable id like /node/Team?id=* where, * is 0,1,2,...

What ends up happening is that it work like a dream the first time the page loads, but will not update when I change the url. Anyway thank you ahead of time!

SQL Lite .ht.sqlite ?

I notice that when using SQL Lite (as opposed to MySQL), data is stored in sites/default/files/.ht.sqlite

Why can't I copy that .ht.sqlite file to some other Drupal location and see the same data? Where is the .php file that has the settings I need to change -- David

Site inaccessible


[VIEWS] field linked to the content node?

Ey guys, I have a little question, that I can't resolve on module views.
Im printint a content type on a view, one of those fields is very large, cause is too much text.
So this field is visible if you go the content node url, but in my view I rewrite the result with a legend "Click here to see complete"

CKEditor + IMCE Drupal 7

I´m new in Drupal, I have problem with the integration between CKEditor + IMCE, I install the two modules but I cant´t see the any icon in the view server screen, I follow diferents post but I don´t find where is the problem!

File manager with file versioning

Hi all,
is there a module, plugin or framework that I can use with Drupal to manage huge amount of files and all the revisions of these files?
I used some years ago the module "filedepot", but I don't know if it still is the best choice.

Thank you very much



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