Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Are Drupal 7 compatible themes a drawback for a Drupal 8 install?

Hi, I'm going to upgrade my D7 install to D7 and use another new theme.

As I'm evaluating themes would I be correct in assuming that a D8 only theme _might_ be a better choice than a theme that is compatible with both D7 and D8 as backwards compability often lead to compromises and lesser performance or lesser integrations with the "latest stuff" ?


Drupal 8 users tagging while posting comment on article


I want to tag users while posting the comment on article ,Can someone help me with any Drupal 8 module.


Problems creating content in drupal 7

A few days ago install drupal 7 and after installing the module Forums and Galleries I can not create content of any kind. I can not create new nodes, when trying to make the page does not advance.

I am blocked with this topic, I thank you.

Drupal 8 register or get email before dowloading

I'm wondering if it's possible to easily require an email (ideally) or force account creation to get a download.

I know I could use commerce or a cart, but these are free downloads, I just want to capture their email.

Flow could be: Go to page -> click download -> go to page getting email - > download page. This is flexible, the main thing is getting email with minimal friction to the download. It's a not for profit site, but I still want to have a list.

I haven't seen any modules for D8, but I may have missed them.


Drupal8 for mass of Bible verses?

I want to move an existing site to Drupal 8, and wonder how to represent mass data: using existing data base tables, or using Drupal content types?

Hipaa Compliance Data Encryption

How I can use Hipaa Compliance Data Encryption in our whole website data which is in drupal 8.


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