Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

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Is Drupal for me?

I am looking to recreate a business website. It needs to be refreshed and I was wondering if Drupal would be the best fit. I know I am going to have a learning curve and that is ok. This would be the first big site I have done for anyone (but anything would be an improvement to their current site.

It will probably be a basic site outlining everything the business does. The site may also have some sort of signup sheet and an Online store.

Any advice would be great!

Collaborative site : Drupal 7 or 8


I plan to create a collaborative site, on which the users can add some contents.

To realize him, I hesitate between Drupal 7 and 8.

Drupal 7 because numerous modules exist which I am going to need (sharing on the social networks, print, flag etc.).

Drupal 8 because he's directed multilingualism, and because he embarks ckeditor (with upload of images, secure configurations etc.: very useful on my site).

Have you advice to give me?

Thanks in advance

Drush not connecting to DB

First-off and let me apologize because I am not entirely sure where to post this.

I've searched and searched and cannot find the answer to help me. I believe my issues is I am not connecting to the database at all. It isn't writing with settings.php file when I create my site.
I've read the pages suggesting to put in the numerical IP address instead of localhost, but remember I have no settings.php file.

Website, blog, and knowledgebase

I'm looking to create a website with static content, a blog with regular posts, and also a knowledgebase with different kinds of tutorials.

I'm pretty sure I can do all of this under one Drupal installation.

Could someone explain to me the best way to go about this? I would need to be able to create dynamic pages showing most recent blog posts, a search function for the knowledgebase articles and blog articles.

Drupal 8 for social network?

I am looking to build a small social network, but I am not sure what I should use:

  • Drupal 8
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • CakePHP 3
  • Something else

Can someone please advise? Thanks.


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