Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Homeward Bath( New Member)

Hello....I am new to this community.

To Drupal or Not To Drupal

Hi All,
I'm considering creating my site with Drupal hosted on Bluehost. My only experience with Drupal is various searches in this forum and some tutorials on Youtube. I have a few things that are must haves and I was hoping to get an idea from experts versus my own newbie judgment.

My site will be similar to trip advisor, so registered users, posting review (a survey really), displayed in some nice format. Plus some form of simple payment, like to my biz paypal account.

Is Drupal for me?


Could use some help here. I know this is a support/fansite so the answers might not be 100 percent objective. I am trying to decide between Wordpress and Drupal(I've ruled out Joomla for the most part) for an upcoming site.

What I want to do is create a site(idk if blog is the best choice) to review Books I read and create posts about that as well as I want to be able to use it as a sister site to my forum, which is powered by Invision power Board.

Products with different options for print, engraving etc.


I am a semi-experienced Drupal-user, but I simply can't get my head around the following. Is it possible with existing modules?

I want to make a webshop that sells great quantities of products, often with custom printed/engraved/embroided branding.

Really out of touch with Drupal. Looking to make an online directory of sorts.

Hello all, it's been well over five years since I've had any involvement with Drupal I reckon. Infact I can't even log in to my old username 'OK Computer' as I don't have that email address anymore!

Probably the last version I used was 5. Clearly I'm well behind the times. Over the last five years or so my work has generally been small CMS websites which Wordpress has fulfilled every time.

Can drupal help me with a new recipe websites from old asp?

I’m not familiar with Drupal but need a cms system to rebuild one of my websites.
Today they are on W2012 server with MsSql backend and classic asp code.
I need better design, mobile friendly pages, easier maintenance and updating.
The websites have food recipe with nutrition values and information around this theme.

What I think about doing is:
Migrate to MySQL backend.
Install .php.
Install a cms system and build up my website completely from scratch.


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