Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

SEO of Drapal

I want to ask the Drupal SEO capabilities than the other sources?

Thanks for all.

Is drupal ideal to build a peer to peer web platform with ecommerce capabilities

I am very new but keen on capabilities of drupal CMS for my web development. I am planning on creating a peer to peer cleaning services web platform where people can find a cleaner in their local communities. i have my premium domain name [LINK REMOVED] all sorted. But still not sure what CMS to use in development. I will like if anyone can help based on experience, whatever platform i use must have a robust ecommerce capabilities. Thinking of wordpress because of woocommerce but not sure.

HTML Import?

Hello All,

I super new to Drupal. Quick question, I have a landing page file it has a HTML format structure and images all in a zip file format. I need to import this, what it what is the best way? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Suggesting Theme for Drupal 8 Commerce

Hello guys,
I'm a beginner at Drupal but I count on IT support from my company.

I'm having difficulties to find a complete Drupal 8 Theme for commerce. Probably because the version is too young and still under tests.

Anyway, apparently the most complete and also aesthetic pleasing theme I've found is this:

7.5 to 8 and beyond... (EOL question)

I'm trying to decide whether to migrate to 8 now, or hold off for another year or two.
Been looking for the official support roadmap, but only found the 'relative" one with Y1, Y2, Y3, etc.
( )
I understand it's all in flux, but could I possibly get a relatively firm date for version 7 LTS?
(Just want to know when is EOL for Drupal 7.x!)
Would be very helpful for planning...

Dowloading and starting a website

I'm looking for somebody that can help me build a website for a magazine I'm about to make. I just heard about Drupal and thought it sounded perfect for my magazine.
I was thinking about a simple website, but I have never been near a complicated thing like this before, and on top of that I have no idea how to code and such. Is somebody willing to help? I would really appreciate it!


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