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Need help for the modules necessary for a project

I will present the project that I have done. This is a site that allows application ratings. The goal is to be able to add tickets containing information about an application, and then assign a rank amongst the top100, among the categories,...
A site with different display rankings (tags, category, game, tools, name, author,...) depending on the filter that the user selected.
There are therefore 2 types of classification, those imposed by visitors and those listed on the official sites of the app
How can we achieved this with Drupal project?

Error Message on Drupal Website:

Strict warning: Declaration of views_plugin_style_default::options() should be compatible with views_object::options() in views_include_handler() (line 76 of /mnt/www/html/ucsf/docroot/sites/all/modules/contrib/views/includes/

Just appeared today on our home page.

Drupal Hosting Advice

I am currently hosting 30 sites with A Small Orange and having a lot of issue with uptime. I have a VPS server and the server has to be rebooted or is down for one reason or another about once every 2 months if not more. So I am looking for other options. All my sites are Drupal and I want the hosting provider to have cPanel as well. Probably a VPS would be the best fit for me as I have 30 accounts and that increases every couple of months as I get new clients. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Migrating my guitar lessons site to drupal - advice on organization?


A while back I created a guitar lessons site using PostNuke. I have since learned joomla and built a site for an international organization that had me pushing joomla to its limits to achieve the sort of content organization I wanted. I find myself revisiting my guitar site, which I unfortunately allowed to sit for several years, with no updating. Since I like learning new skills, I thought I would revamp my site and implement it as a drupal site. Here is how I would ideally organize it.

which is better, drupal or wordpress.?

Please let me know which is better, drupal or wordpress.?

Integrating Drupal ecommerce into already built site

Hi all,

I am a new to the Drupal community. In all honesty - and I want to state this first and foremost - the only reason I joined was to ask this single question, though I may find myself returning over time.


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