Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Drupal for a Farmers market?

Has anybody used or experienced a good Web site implementation for exchanging seeds? Looking for something that is easy to use for vegetable start exchange, seed exchange. gardening equipment exchange. 

Any Drupal ideas out there that have explored such an implementation? 


Problem:   Drupal will not load this theme. 

Error Message: does not contain any .info files.

How do I fix this?

Global and subsite Multisite installtion


i want to setup the multisite in drupal 8 and i want like wordpress where there is a main site and other sites and from the main site we can create a subsite and manages all subsite is it possible in the drupal 8? is there any provision where all subsites can be managed and there is a gloabal site dashboard where all subsites can create rather than the we have to create a folder or there is any module for the same

There are some questions related to the multisite and I want to ask is it possible in drupal 8  like wordpress have multisite concept

Is Drupal the right tool to build up a breeders database?

Dear Drupal family,

I tried to do as much training videos for Drupal 8 as possible. I looked at modules like webform. But I am still a bit lost. Can you help me and recommend modules or another basic approch to be able to build the website I will describe in the following text?

I want to built a Website, where dog owners of a certain breed can register, put in the dog data (name, gender, color, health issues, DNA markers etc), owners information, exhibition results,  breeder information and of cource articles about the breed etc.

Is Drupal8 really ready for production and complex sites?


this is more an outpouring of frustration than a real question, but I'd like to know what think about that people that use Drupal every day.

Is Drupal8 really ready to develop a complex site for production environments?

I can see that it still changes too quickly, that there are often patches and new versions and it is too difficult to upgrade to a new version.

how to create a map on

how to create a map on drupal


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