Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

which is better, drupal or wordpress.?

Please let me know which is better, drupal or wordpress.?

Integrating Drupal ecommerce into already built site

Hi all,

I am a new to the Drupal community. In all honesty - and I want to state this first and foremost - the only reason I joined was to ask this single question, though I may find myself returning over time.

Silly Error - Single Form

What seems to be wrong with my code


Public Partial Class frmGameCal

Public Sub New()
' The Me.InitializeComponent call is required for Windows Forms designer support.

' TODO : Add constructor code after InitializeComponents
End Sub

Const dblTICKET_PRICE As Double = 10.63
Dim intSpectators As Integer = 0I
Dim dblGateTakings As Double = 0R
Dim mintTotal_Spectators as Integer 0I

Need a content management system for a car club web site

I want to know if Drupal is sufficient for our car club (we currently use DotNetNuke which I hate). We need the following attributes:

integrate drupal in magento


In my website, I have a very small blog system and i want to integrate drupal into magento for replace it, i think drupal can do this, I wanted to know if there is a return of experience regarding the extension magento_integration or the best way to do it.


New to Drupal

So I'm a WordPress guy. But I recently took a job as the Communications Director for a church, and their site was built with Drupal.

I've slowly been learning how to do the things I need to do, making minor edits and adding content and what-not.


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