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Content/gallery with dynamic search

Hi All,

New in forum, know PHP OOP, but new with Drupal (7).

I want to create page where nodes will be image + full text body. Title page will be displayed like a grid/gallery of images by newest post, node itself opened in overly popup. Similar to Instagram web interface.
On top I would like to add search field, which will search by full body text. Dynamically or with refresh.

To make a grid I could use Views, for search standard search module. However, how can I make that after search I would pass results to the same initial Page?

Thank you.

Help on Single Sign On (SSO + SAML)

Hey All,

I am new to Drupal and creating a solution for my company where we use SSO (SAML protocol) and also a role based setup.

From what I know, we will need to configure simpleSAMLphp module to allow SSO. RSA (IdP) will perform the authentication and send attributes to our Drupal site.

Post authentication, how is the authorisation performed i.e. a certain user can only perform certain duties based on their role?

How to approach site

I want to create a site that is a generic club site where people can join and create clubs. A club creator can then receive/grant requests for membership for a club they have created. Each club would have a description page, a schedule/calender and a forum. Site visitors could see a list of clubs and access info for clubs they are a member of. I've spent about a month learning drupal (8) and it seems I would need a distribution or to use or create a module(s). Open Social looks promising but I tried to install it a couple of weeks ago and it didn't work.

D7 database import/export addresses and form search

How to implement in D7?

D7 database import/export addresses and form search


I'm trying to find out the best way to implement a solution in an existing Drupal 7 site that must meet the following requirements:

What modules would enhance this site?

The site is for a distribution company. Furniture to be precise. No ecommerce, no online payments. I believe they sell through alibaba mostly. I built their first site (drupal 5) like 8 years ago, good clients to work with, and their host only recently decided to boot them & delete their site. They're back with us now, and asked me to build a new one.

What I'm thinking:

Contact form on each product page with product number automatically filled out on the form. (we'll have a separate all-around contact also.)

Acquia, Magento Commerce


any heads up on Acquia, Magento Commerce?

I guess from below URL ref, Acquia and Magento was integrating WCMS.

Any more news on this?

Sachin #Cheers


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