Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Is drupal suitable?

I wish to create an online community web site. Users will be able to self-register. Users can create a group. Users can join groups created by other users (upon join request being accepted by group creator). Would drupal be suitable or am I better off using frameworks? If Drupal is OK will I be better off using Open Social or just starting with the standard package and customizing it?

Drupal Codebase and Modules

Hi all,

Our company is currently working with a design firm to help us create first site in a multi-site Drupal installation. The question of what modules to include in the initial codebase started popping up in the discussion. At this point, we seems to be spending a lot of time trying guess what modules we will need in the future. Needless to say, trying to predict future is a futile endeavor. With that said, the design firm seems to insist on spending time on this endeavor.

Virtual Money / internal "kickstarter"

hello drupal folks,

I have a plan to build a system in our firm where each member has e.g. 1000 coins / year.

Everyone can start a project and colleagues can fund it with their virtual coins.

Have you done something similar already?

How would you do this, specially the "virtual" coins and spending?
You can imagine it like an internal kickstarter but without real money.

I would also want to have a minimum invest to promote a project further if it reaches a defined funding.

Hope someone can help.

Kind regards

dating site

I was wondering if Drupal is the right choice to build seo friendly dating sites . Can someone give us some clues and examples ?

How to setup Drupal on Nginx ?


I'm new here, and want to setup one of my web project on drupal with nginx, with good web optimization and page speed point of view.. any good tutorial link or recommendation ??

thank you in advance


Using Drupal as a file repository

We are in the process from migrating from one LMS to another. The old LMS has an integrated Content Management System. Our primary usage for the CMS is for file hosting (i.e. linking videos, documents, htmls, etc...) The new LMS has Drupal listed as a supported External App.

My question is can Drupal act as a CMS for file hosting?
Thanks in advanced for you assistance,


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