Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

page background on mobile phones not changing

Using Zymphonies Photography Theme, I changed page background from white to dark ash but this does not change on mobile phones as the background remains white on mobile phones. I checked media.css file and changed the background property on the file to dark ash; and yet the background on mobile view remains white.

I tried every css trick I know and yet the page background on mobile phones remain white.

Please any ideas.


Generate a PDF Report in Drupal

I have the requirement to build a site that as far as I can see Drupal will be almost perfectly suitable for.

I have to manage users, who have additional fields on their profiles.

Users must study courses on this site. They must log the courses online and upload notes (aka file attachments) on these courses.

All easily done with Drupal.

I'm not sure if Drupal can meet the following 2 requirements:

Develop a website which gives a facebook page like service

Dear friends, there is a website called in Ethiopia which is developed using drupal system, which provides a facebook page like service for facebook page owners
The system works in the following way,
1. A company or facebook page owner asks to get their facebook page liked by users of that website. The company will pay 2000 Ethiopian birr for 20,000 likes.

Drupal 8 Modules / Setup for Easy Content Additions (Images / some text)

I've not had time and opportunity to do much work with Drupal since Drupal 8 went from Alpha/Beta to a production product.

Now that it's ready, I want to seriously get into some thoughts of rebuilding a couple sites I built previously with Drupal 6.

The websites both are just places primarily for the clients to display some of their work (one a carpenter, one a landscaper), so when people want to see examples of their work, they can go directly to their sites.

Creating content from external Webservices


Im new to Drupal and Im not sure if this CMS is the way to go....

I want to show content in drupal based on data from webservices ( HTTP RESTFul / JSON )

The content will be tabular and maybe som graphs .

Thinking of using drupal as an aggregated portal of information from subsystems.



starting D7 project with Twig engine

Im starting a new big project with D7, so it will contains a lot of contrib / custom modules. It will be preferable to use the theme engine Twig. What are the problems that could be present later? anyone tried twig with D7 and have some trouble using one of the contrib modules or any other further issues?

thanks in advance.


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