Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Drupal Techie Themes?

I'm going to use Commerce Kickstart to build a techie type of site but the theme that comes with that won't be good for my niche.

Does anyone know of some good Drupal themes I can use instead that are more techie type ecommerce themes?

Problem with installing Restaurant modul

I'm trying to install this
but it doesn't work. That's appearing when I try: "Automatic updating of Drupal core is not supported. See the upgrade guide for information on how to update Drupal core manually". Can somebody help me, please?

How do I enable this functionality

I'm going to make a website having among others an archive for documents.

How to build an webshop use Drupal

Hi everybody,

I'm newbie. I had to try use OC for my webshop but i'm not pleasesure already with it.
I founded some webshop used Drupal and i really like it but i don't know how to build it?
Anyone have some tips or tuts. Pls, show me! Thanks alot.

Homeward Bath( New Member)

Hello....I am new to this community.


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