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Should I wait for Drupal 8?

Hi all,

I've enjoyed learning Wordpress and have built a few basic sites using premium themes. But I'd also like to learn Drupal so that I can build a couple of comparison websites (i.e. data driven & a little bit more complicated).

I'm under no time constraint so would I be better off waiting until Drupal 8 appears?

In Wordpress it's easy to update to the latest version but I'm not sure if it's the same with Drupal? I don't want to experience the famous 'Drupal learning curve' only to find out I have to relearn everything when Drupal 8 comes out.

Bundle Payment

I want to know, is there any method using which I can set multiple payments based on the quantity of the product.
Here is an example
Suppose 1-5 $20 / product, 5-10 $18 / product and 10 or more $15 / product.

Your help would be much appreciated.

A simple review website


I want to make a simple review website of courses at my university. I am considering using Drupal and would like to know how I can do it using Drupal.

What I have:

Need suggestions on how to structure virtual fair website with Drupal

Hi. I need to create a website for an organization that handles virtual events, like an online version of real conferences or fairs. The website is structured around virtual spaces which can be:

Fair lobby (which can contain one or more pavilions )

>Pavilions (each pavilion can have one or more virtual rooms below)

>>>virtual stands


>>>Lounge rooms

send an email to new users in Drupal 7

if i try to send a register email to new users, the system send this error:

Notice: Undefined index: Return-Path in DefaultMailSystem->mail() (line 101 of ...\xampp\htdocs\modules\system\

Creating My First E-commerce website.

Hey! My name is Amir, I'm new to Drupal and I'm trying to create an ecommerce site but I have absolutely no idea what to do. I believe to create any website you need a domain, a web host, and a SSL to secure customers info. Can someone please tell me everything that's needed to create an E-commerce site. I believe you'll need something like a label to add to your shipments. Thanks. - Amir.


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