Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Should we switch millennium transport & mechanics company website To Drupal?

Wanted to reach out on this forum to hopefully gain some insight into our pending website updates. We have solicited a few web design companies that have said they want to use Wordpress. We have heard that Wordpress has vulnerabilities with the code. We really want to have something that is secure, so we started looking into Drupal.

Is Drupal a good fit for us? Our main goal is to have a website that we can update and maintain on our own, but ultimately is a safe and secure solution.

how to create this view using Organic group.

In a single view using Organic Group, is it possible to show content of each group member to themself alone? and in the same view is it possible to show all group member's content to group manager?

Module for sport events and player stats? Drupal 7

I am looking for a module that can track player's statistics across several events and have a profile for each player.

I tried looking at the tournament module, but it doesn't seem to cover exactly what I need, and all the other league modules that I come across are for Drupal 6/5.

If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.


Web Services

I hoping to build a web service and wonder if Drupal Web Service module would be the best fit.

The web service would be provide data to users on a;
1. 3rd Party web site
2. Drupal Commerce

I hope to modify Drupal Commerce so that the cart can be able to access the web service.

Can somebody pls point me in the right direction.


Reasons for choosing Drupal, even for custom web apps

There was a blog post by Varun Arora, "Why we stopped using Drupal for our platform", which had got considerable attention when it was posted in 2013. There are 126 comments so far. The point being made was the Drupal has a lot of complexity, under the hood, and if you want something that is not available "out-of-the-box", in the core or in a well-established module, then you have a very rough and steep learning curve.

Two concerns: Available for security updates / Image captions

I am looking at revamping a set of sites from ASP to Drupal. I like a lot of what I see in Drupal, but have two concerns:

1. In reading about Drupalgeddon, it seems that the problem was that many people didn't even see the security notice before hackers started exploiting the vulnerability. I have no staff, so this means I need to be available immediately to install security updates when they are announced. I don't know that I want to be chained to my websites that way, or leave them potentially vulnerable if I decide to go on vacation for a month.


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