Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Drupal Installation

Is it possible to migrate Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 without losing any functionality or content?

An Login shared between the site and the online game

Hi, we are developing with my team an online game, and an internet site made with Drupal.

I want to create a file called gameinfo.php

and put this file in the htdocs folder

this gameinfo.php file must call some informations.

These informations are: User ID + Username + Password + Email

Where are these informations? In the default.settings.php?

Trying to understand Drupal installation coming from Dreamweaver experience

I'm trying to wrap my mind around how I need to install Drupal as compared to how I operated with Dreamweaver. I've scanned this site, flipped through some books, have done Google searches as well as on YouTube, but cannot find the information I am looking for. I kind of like to know what I need to do to get started before actually digging in to learn the entire product.

Basically, what is the best and proper way to test changes before the world/users see them? (ie, new themes, changes in layout, new content, etc)

Create a personal Wiki

Hi everyone

I would like to create a own "Wiki" for one special subject.

I thought at the first time to create this Wiki with Drupal. But now, I am not sure if Drupal is the best option or not.

I have seen that there are several Wiki modules for Drupal, but I am not sure if they are working correctly.

I have seen too, that exists the official MediaWiki. And with that I would not have to use Drupal, maybe yes or maybe not.

Drupal 8 - Image Maps alternative?


Was asked if I can turn a sales territory map into an image map with anchors. I said "Let me check into that."

Well - the only plugin that handled that (that I have found) turned out to be a Drupal 7.1 plugin. (and I'm in Drupal 8)

Are there any outside-the-box (HTML 5, svg or the like) that might work with Drupal 8?

Open to investigating all suggestions. I just am not familiar with anything outside the good ole image map (which seems like an out moded technology)

Any help is appreciated.


Travel blog syncing postings/comments created during offline periods

I have some experience with Drupal and I want to setup a Travel Blog website.
While I'm traveling and mostly offline, I want to be able to write daily postings.
Followers may post comments to earlier postings on the live Blog.
When I'm connected, these need to be synced.

I assume that I'll need a local (WAMP) development copy of my Drupal site on which I can write these daily postings.
Which is the best mechanism to sync (local postings to live, live comments to local) the two?
(I'll be traveling with a Windows laptop)


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