Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

User can join and sell tickets for their events + shop or affiliate

Hello Drupal Community,

I hope all of you had a good start into the weekend.

Maybe you can help me and share your opinion with me:

I am looking for a CMS which offers the following functionalities:

- the platform is for small local indie bands which want to promote their concerts
- the bands can join the network and sell their tickets
- the user can buy these tickets and our platform gets a small amount of money for every sold ticket

portal for users and events management

hello everybody
i should try to develope a quite complex portal
first of all i should manage two different classes of users
1. simple user, which may create and edit his/her profile and view site content
2. 'company' user which can create, edit and manage events (with pictures, news, videos and so on)
so, the main goal is to create a back-end specific for each of these users.
in principle, i was oriented towards a php framework such as cakephp but when i started looking around i have read about drupal

Making Drupal into a control panel for employees

Hello all!

I'm a web developer working for the University of Cincinnati on COOP and I've been instructed to redesign and develop the web panel used by the computer lab staff and the supervisors to manage and keep track of everything in the lab from headcounts, to schedules, to employee and identity management (handled by a CLS system), to trouble tickets for broken machines and a group study room schedule application and editor.

Any reason to not start data entry in D8?

I have a site that won't be up and running until the fall.

It's a rather simple directory and basic CRM for accounts. Reps would be entering the data over the next four or five months.

Is there any reason to not start entering that data now on a D8 beta9 install?

Only modules needed would be Token, Path Auto and maybe some Taxonomy stuff later.

I don't care if it looks like craigslist for the next year.

fresh windows install and dev desktop sites

i've been using acquia dev-desktop to learn more about drupal sites. i had it set up nicely so i could access a few different sites directly from the dev-desktop-control-panel.
unfortunately i then had to make a fresh windows install on my computer. i backed up the various folders i thought i would need, like the sites folder and program files etc, but i didn't do an export or any other preparations.
now it's not quite clear to me how i access those sites from a fresh DD install.
i can't find the database file that i need to point to.

Should we switch millennium transport & mechanics company website To Drupal?

Wanted to reach out on this forum to hopefully gain some insight into our pending website updates. We have solicited a few web design companies that have said they want to use Wordpress. We have heard that Wordpress has vulnerabilities with the code. We really want to have something that is secure, so we started looking into Drupal.

Is Drupal a good fit for us? Our main goal is to have a website that we can update and maintain on our own, but ultimately is a safe and secure solution.


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