Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Just beginning and need some input

Just some basic newbie questions, I would appreciate some input/advice.

Our new website is about to begin development using Drupal 7 and I have some questions concerning deployment. The concept is that the site will be developed and when approved it will be moved to our web server. After this the idea is to update the site regularly by our own people to keep it current and fresh. We will be training our people to do so. So, my questions are.....

Viable CMS?

Hi All,

I'm completely new to drupal and first post on here. I am currently looking into using a new CMS for the company I work for.

We have a purpose built CMS but the resource is no longer available to keep it up to date, so I'm here.

The main feature of our CMS is the way it runs enterprise websites and I need a replacement CMS to do the same hopefully drupal can.

Guidance Needed

I'd like to request feedback and guidance from the members on my plan for a family document archive website that I'm currently planning.

I'm currently working up requirements and a high-level design for a family archive website as a central repository for historical photographs and correspondence, such as a complete set of family World War II correspondence. (Over one thousand letters.) I intend to use Drupal 8.

Does Drupal 8 allow customize RSS feeds?


I designed a site using Drupal 7 and I had to abandon Drupal 7 because I couldn't add items to the RSS feed. Does Drupal 8 allow additional items to be added to the RSS template?


Is Durpal a good option in this situation?

Currently I am in a quest of finding a perfect CMS for my company. So I would love to be able to ask you a few concrete questions about the functionality of Durpal.
To begin I will describe the current situation and why my company actually needs a CMS.

Managingnews Distribution

Hi All

I am trying to download managingnews distribution, I searched the net and I found and phase2 website, but no package to download.

Anyone can help me in this??

Thank you


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