Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

drupal 8 salted hashing encryption modules is available or related code snippets links is there?

Hi everyone,

Drupal 7 is encrypt submissions, or encrypt password module using salt hashing.This will display the encrypted password via tamper data in browser not display the plain text. Now i am also searching about this type of modules are available there in drupal 8 using salted hashing in drupal.

Is Drupal social network approach?

I am sorry I do not know English. I use Google translator
Is it possible to create a social network on this engine?
Is it possible in any way with time to solve the problem of high load? including toll ways? It can withstand huge Drupal load if you use paid methods involving programmers developers?
or Drupal to create a huge social network it is impossible?

Will drupal be a good choice for my project?

Hi there,

Last time I did a project with Drupal was with version 6, so I'm a bit disconnected as far as Drupal is concern.

I have a new project that consist in:

A website that will have a form. On the other side I will have a word file with around 100 pages all of them with a preestablished text.

What I'm looking for is to update in the word file some of the text that needs to be updated, for example; Name, Surname, Model Number, etc etc...

Is Drupal a good choice for manual additions to search-autocomplete, search synonyms and creating recommendation lists?

Hallo everyone,

I have been doing a couple of small Drupal Installations before, but now I've been given a rather unusual task for a CMS.

Its supposed to do five things:

- 1+2: uploads into 2 different media folders,
the contents of which will be fetched by a cron and put into the real mediaserver. I dont need advise on those two, that should be np.

Drupal OR Django/Python?

Since I am obviously in a Drupal forum, everyone may be more inclined to select Drupal over Django. That's fine. I am debating between the two technologies. I understand broad differences: Django is a framework where you have to deal with many of the small details. Drupal is sort of like a framework but not to the extent that Django is. It is very much a CMS while Django is not by default. I've also read that performance between the two are similar.

My question is: Why would you be more inclined to use Drupal over Django?

Images doesn't seen

Something hapenned. Maybe hacker somethingfif? All images are in plce but doesn't appear on site. If I try to see them through browser, I get some "node" between direct URL and images,
If try - it is forbidden
Something with .htacess?
Please help - Drupal 7 mine


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