Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Which Modules to use

I would like to create a Website something similar to
Can someone suggest will Drupal be a possible solution and any modules i should be using to get started .

How extensible are Corporate Styled Themes?


I'm looking to build a gaming website, that will put on show a number of articles from varied writers on a regular basis, similar to IGN, but will also focus on building and establishing a strong community that will be provided a platform to showcase their creative work.

Before I begin to invest in a suitable theme and start building though, I have a question that's been troubling me the entire day.

Migration from existing platform to Drupal

Currently we are using Documentum as only Web Content Management System (WCMS) with some of the tailored functions and carrying out a feasibilty study to look for the possibility of migrating to Drupal.

Hosted Web Site:
~50 Sites

Functions involved:
1. Upload of self-developed websites (files including: html, htm, css, js, jpg, png etc)

Create view of physical folders with media content

Can I create a specific view of an ordinary folder in the server’s file system showing media content as embedded objects on a page for replay (and the rest just as download links)? Or: Can I have Drupal automatically create nodes from folder contents, one node for each file representing it as an object – so I can use them on a view page?

Migrate from Joomla

I've spent quite a lot of time and money developing Great British Politics on Joomla 2.5. However, Joomla can be a bit tricky and we're looking at other options. Need a few questions answered first though.

Firstly, can the majority of the current site be easily transferred between Joomla and Drupal? I imagine at least the vast majority of plugins and templates won't have Drupal versions, but we've built up a huge media and article library that we can't lose.

Ability for Users to Add Content?

Considering using Drupal, but I need to know whether it will allow me to have a page on my website where logged in users (can drupal sites have a log in that won't give these users access to the back end of the site? I'm assuming so) can submit an article and it will show up on a page of user submitted projects/articles. Is there a special module or simple set of settings to do this, or will I have to do some complicated coding? Or is it not going to be able to be set up how I intend?


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