Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Need different sidebar menus page-depending

Hi, I'm new to Drupal and am trying to figure out the best way to utilize it for a site that would have multiple sub-sites. Each sub-site would share the same theme, header, footer and mega menu. However each sub-site would need their own sidebar menu (perhaps more than one page-depending) and would have editor/publishers that would only have rights to their sub-site. The number of sub-sites is about 40 with at least an equal number of editor/publishers.

Sparql Endpoint

Hey everybody,

i have some contents like recipes, persons, events.....

the fields are RDF and mapped....

is it possible to do sparqle queries against this contents to get the special information?

Thx for your help!!!

Ecommerce solution for european market

We tried drupal a few years ago and think we could have a look again.

Are there any ecommerce extensions that are suitable for the european market?
We have to calculate shipping correctly in the checkout, integrate returns policy in checkout and so on.

The solution should come with Paypal and amazon payments.

Thanks and greetings from Germany

Drupal as a secured CMS?

I need to make a new CMS with the following security settings. Anyone knows how to do it under Drupal?

1) Administration site on an Intranet server (for Internal Staff only)

2) Public site on an Internet server without the Administration site (for content Integrity)
Reason why the Administration site cannot be hosted together with the Public site is to avoid hacking or bypassing of the Administration login, afraid of making page defacement or SQL injection possible by professional hackers.

Polling and Remainder mails to vote

Currently I am using a webforms and sending mail via my outlook to all the members(Group created in Mail Server) to voting
1)Disadvantages of this method
a)Webforms no way to know the user who are all have not submitted
b)Webforms to send the remainder mails to the members who are not submitted.

How Can I achieve this in webforms?

Can a webform converted into a Polling or Voting and Survey or Feedback ?
I want explanation about achieving it on webform is possible or not

multi level / tiered user management

I need to know if I can easily setup Drupal to have multiple users that are Managers of a Group that can have multiple users within it. The Managers need to only be able to see their own Group, manage users within that Group, and access resources that have been assigned to that Group.

Assuming Drupal CAN do it - what are the best ways to go about setting it up? Or, would I have to custom code this functionality?


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