Is Drupal a viable solution for my website? Please see the documentation Getting Started before posting.

Creating a clothing website

I have really just began the process of building a website. First, I bought hosting on WordPress which is one important thing to do when starting a website. After, I tried to build as much content as possible building about one page a day. So far I have 12 pages and am really just in the beginner stages of having my website gain attention. Here is what I have so far. I will need to continue building content once a day as well as designs for embroidered shorts.


Will WordPress be able to support website traffic once it increases substantially?

How to Proceed?

Hi Everyone,

I plan to create a website project about game reviews and forum.

I decided on the content of my website and with the help of users here, I think I know which modules I should use. And more or less, I know what to do but I am not sure about how to start.

The main issue is that, I couldn't decided on the design of my website yet. I plan to work with a designer to create the psd after I decide on the general scheme and look of my website.

Online medical records application best module/cck/form builder/etc

Hello forum.
Im a cms user/administrator since 2011 but new to application building and i realy want help because i don't really know which module to use in order to built this web based application.
I want to built an online medical record application with several field types, in which visitors register/login and enter the application and complete their own patient/hospital records and other data in mri images, forms, etc, in order to have an easier medical record database without any papers. The goal is for everything to be easy, tidy and organised.

Referencing between intances of Content Types


Who will help me with the following:

I’m a starter in Drupal, thinking about converting a website, created with HTML-code (written by myself and extracting data out of an Access-database, also created by myself) to Drupal. So I’m reading, testing... Moreover, I’m more in music then in Websites … :-)

Creating a test site

We have an interest in setting up a test site where we can play with the setup of a new site creating dummy data and the like without contaminating the real site. For this purpose I have created a subdomain for the site domain and pointed it to its own directory. Now, presumably I need a database to go with it. It has been quite a while since I set up a new database, but the instructions I find all seem to relate to starting from scratch. Is it possible to copy the existing site database to use for this test?


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