Security advisories for third-party projects that are not part of Drupal core - this includes all modules, themes, and installation profiles that have been contributed by a community member. These posts by the Drupal security team are also sent to the security announcements e-mail list.

Site Verify - Moderately Critical - Cross Site Scripting - SA-CONTRIB-2017-051

Custom Landing Page Builder - Unsupported - SA-CONTRIB-2017-050

  • Advisory ID: DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2017-050
  • Project: landing_page (third-party module)
  • Date: 24-May-2017

Display Suite - Moderately Critical - Cross Site Scripting - SA-CONTRIB-2017-049

Bootstrap - Critical - Information Disclosure - SA-CONTRIB-2017-048

DRD Agent - Critical - Multiple vulnerabilities - SA-CONTRIB-2017-047

Drupal Remote Dashboard - Critical - Weak encryption keys - SA-CONTRIB-2017-046

Media - Moderately Critical - Multiple vulnerabilities - SA-CONTRIB-2017-044

shib_auth Moderately Critical - Multiple vulnerabilities - SA-CONTRIB-2017-043

Media - Critical - 1.x branch unsupported - SA-CONTRIB-2017-042

  • Advisory ID: DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2017-042
  • Project: Media (third-party module)
  • Date: 12-Apr-2017


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