Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

EntityReference Workbench adds support for Workbench Moderation to Entity Reference fields.


The module provides two EntityReference (ER) formatters extending the basic ER formatters by making them aware of the Workbench Moderation status on the carrying node. They can only be used on ER fields borne by nodes and targeting nodes.

  • Label (WBM) extends the ER Label formatter
  • Rendered Entity (WBM) extends the ER Rendered Entityy formatter

Using these formatters, pages meant for public use and displaying the published version will carry the published version of referenced content, while pages used by the editorial team and displaying the current version will carry the latest draft of referenced content.


When the carrying node entity is being displayed as the "current" (aka "draft") revision, this information is passed to the formatters, and they load and display the information for the "current" (last) revision of the target node entity, and vice-versa for the "live" (published) revision.

Sandbox ?

This module has been published as a sandbox instead of a full module, to allow its eventual inclusion directly within Workbench Moderation if issue #2305473: Mention existing EntityReference support on project page is accepted.


Initial development has been sponsored by Actency.

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