Last updated November 2, 2015.

Best first action you can take is to watch this Randy Fay's video tutorial

A sandbox project is a module or theme that contains experimental code that is not yet ready for general use. Full projects are for general use. Any user who has obtained basic Git access on can create sandbox projects. To create a full project, or to promote your existing sandbox project to a full project, you must go through a one-time approval process.

Sandbox projects have most of the features of full projects; for example, a project page, a Git repository, an issue queue, the ability to appoint co-maintainers, and so on. There are a few key differences whose main purpose is to steer hapless end users away from stumbling across potentially insecure code.

Key differences between "sandbox" and "full" projects

  • Sandbox project pages display an Experimental Project warning message with a yellow background.
  • Sandbox project URLs are /sandbox/username/node-id, rather than a human-readable short name such as /project/views.
  • You cannot create releases (downloadable files) of sandbox projects; the only way to obtain them is via Git.
  • Sandbox projects do not appear in the Main project issue drop-down. To add an issue to a sandbox project, you must do it directly from the project's own issue queue.


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of the code supported by the project on the sandbox page.

Walt Daniels

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Is it appropriate to, and if so is there a convention for, adding documentation as d.o handbooks for sandbox projects?

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I entered the following proximity then created a git access and tried some other stuff 404 error - can you provide some insight here. TIA
The above link doesn't work but I got it sorry for the trouble.

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may be you should check here

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i want to make a car rental system on my website. then i found this article but how can i install this module on my website (D7)?pls help me.

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Seems stable, why can't this be promoted to full project?

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I installed the module and configured checkout settings.
Enabled 'Force guest checkout mode' and 'Show the guest checkout option page' .

After that if i try to checkout the product and it shows me two button as ' checkout as guest' or 'create an account'.

When i click on checkout as guest i am being taken to user login form only(root/user?destination=cart/checkout).What am i doing wrong in not able to log in as guest to checkout? Thanks in advance.

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So am I done with the sandbox site? Not at all. I'm still new to D7, and as I build sites, I'll likely notice plenty more configuration changes I'll want to add to my D7 sandbox. You can probably think of many additions you'd want for your own; for example, if you generally use Google Adsense on your sites, it'd make sense to configure that once in the sandbox site, and not configure it anew with every site.

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Hi @Reanim888-
I think you're describing a boilerplate D7 site, something you might keep on hand in your localdev or in a git repo, to use as a starting point for new Drupal sites. The point of a "sandbox project" space, however, is really more of a developer's module proving grounds: Say you are working on a new module or fork that feels like it's beneficial to the greater community but are not ready to "release" it on d.o and yet you still want to be able to share it with others and even want to provide some documentation and issue tracking about it. That's what sandbox is for. This is not to say that you couldn't use your own sandbox for your own boiler plate drupal installs, but generally it's for sharing and collaborating on a new module.
If I totally missed the point, sorry-- feel free to start up a and link back a new forum topic if necessary.

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Will this module fik the missing "transactionfees" problem that quickpay has with it's module?

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sandbox is really dangerous. how to avoid?