Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

With BIG FISH Payment Gateway merchants can easily offer electronic payments on their webshops.

Payment Gateway helps merchants to enable several payment services on their websites in one step, without a time-consuming development, because the technical communication between payment service providers and websites are provided by the Payment Gateway and we provide an easy to use SDK to it.

Who is Payment Gateway for?

  • Who wants to provide more than one type of electronic payment option on their website.
  • Who wants real time feedback about their financial transactions.
  • Who wants to have the possibility to change payment service provider quickly if it's needed.
  • Who wants to do all of this without a huge development and testing process.

This module is produced for and works only with Übercart e-commerce module version 7.x-3.x.


  • In order to use this module, you must download the gateway's SDK library within a ZIP file from this website: https://github.com/bigfish-hu/payment-gateway-php-sdk
  • Extract the ZIP file content, and place it in one of the following library folders:
    • sites/all/libraries directory or
    • profiles/[yourprofilename]/libraries or
    • sites/example.com/libraries if you have a multi-site installation
  • Configure the module global and per method settings on Übercart's Payment methods page (Store / Configuration / Payment methods)

Project Information