This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Zeus Drupal Hosting Platform

Zeus is a simple, easy to install, and easy to use Drupal hosting platform.

What's wrong with AEgir?

I've never had success installing it :)

Mobile Friendly

Zeus automatically detects mobile devices and switches to a mobile-friendly theme.


Important features:

  • One-click creation of Drupal websites
  • Create websites from a custom template
  • *Automatically upgrade Drupal-core when a critical security hole is published
  • *Automatically upgrade modules when a critical security hole is published
  • *Site performance dashboards
  • *Security auditing dashboards


Template plugins

  • Enable/disable modules
  • Custom users
  • *Custom permissions
  • *Custom roles
  • *Custom settings.php

Site plugins

  • Availability: tcp check, http check
  • *Auto upgrade: check latest version of modules and Drupal-core
  • *Security: scan for possible security breach [modified files, database vulnerabilities]
  • *Clone: duplicate code & database to new site
  • *Backup: code & database
  • Quick login: one-time login link

Distribution plugins

  • *Auto-upgrade: automatically upgrade distribution file to latest version
  • *Remote distro: fetch distribution file from remote location [ftp, http, git]
  • *Revisions: store distribution files in git repo
  • *Integrity guard: check SHA-256 fingerprint and/or digital signature to verify distribution file is intact
  • *Authenticity guard: check digital signature to verify distribution file hasn't been secretly altered
  • *Automatically detect profiles within a distribution

"*" denotes planned features.

Project information

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