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Note: As of 2011/08/17, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, or you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #894720: YaTT appears to be abandoned.

A full-featured replacement exists here:

Time tracking functionality for setups with Organic Groups, Casetracker and Views combination.

It integrates well with Open Atrium is simple to use and provides customizable reports via views.


* User presence tracking
* Central form for time registration
* OneClick presence timer start/stop
* Editing of single entries
* Central who is present list

* Node time tracking
* Enter estimated time on the comment form
* Enter spent time on the comment form
* Choose if time is billable
* Clear per node time summary
* OneClick start time reminder
* Additional central form for time registration
* Editing of single entries


* Inegration with Organic Groups [1]
* Inegration with Casetracker [2]
* Inegration with Views [3]


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