This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Yammer initially launched as micro blogging service and soon evolved to emerge as a full-fledged enterprise social network. It facilitates organization’s co-worker to discuss ideas or on-going projects with colleagues and experts.

The yammer feeds module provides access to yammer messages using OAuth authentication. It pulls yammer feeds from a particular network and displays them in a Drupal block.


  1. Yammer messages are displayed in a Drupal block. User can configure and customize the block.
  2. Each element of a message is formatted using proper css class and classes are customizable within yammer_feeds.css
  3. Drupal block containing yammer message is loaded through Ajax call to maximize site performance
  4. Cache support is also provided for this purpose.


OAuth PHP Library:


The 7.x version of this module is now under development. You are encouraged to participate. Maintenance fixes only to the 6.x version.

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