This module allows you to bypass the default data storage location for fields and entities and instead load the data from a web service.

This is useful when your primary data source is in another system but you want to display/use this data in your Drupal site without the hassle of syncing or importing data.

Web Service Configuration (wsconfig)

Stores information about your web services. This information is used to allow Drupal to make the appropriate CRUD operations on requested data.

Web Service Fields Storage (wsfields_storage)

Defines a field storage controller allowing you to read, write and query fields from a web service. Support for EntityFieldQuery (coming soon) will allow developers to make entity field queries with web service data.

Web Service Fields (wsfields)

Parses data from a web service to be compatible with fields defined by core and some contrib modules. Allows you to use web service data as field data. Thus allowing you to use the same field formatters and standard options defined for the given field.


Recommended Modules

Integration Modules

You can test loading data from the Services module between Drupal sites You'll also need a method of connecting to your web services. You can find a default implementation of such a connector here https://drupal.org/project/restclient

Other modules

Other modules on Drupal.org can accomplish similar results but with different methodologies.
Remote Entity API takes remote data and syncs it automatically with your local entities. This differs from WSData as we do not copy the data locally.

Professional Support

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