This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Due to its limited use I have not needed to work on this module since early 2009. I recommend using Wordpress_Import or Wordpress Migrate instead.

Old Description

With this module you can import your site from Wordpress to a clean Drupal install. Please note that it has not been tested with anything newer than Wordpress 2.6.


Originally created by Borken Bernard for Drupal 4.7, it was updated to support Drupal 5 by teodorani and then upgraded to work with Drupal 6 by DenRaf. This a continuation of DenRaf's code from his blog announcement on June 19th, 2008.

Note: While the project has been available in versions for Drupal 5 and older, only Drupal 6 and newer will be supported.


The goals of the project are simple:

  • Provide a method of importing a Wordpress blog into Drupal.
  • Make it feature complete for all core Wordpress data.
  • Make it easy to use.
  • Long term goal: merge it into an all-in-one migration tool, e.g. maybe Migrate.

In Comparison to Wordpress_Import

The Wordpress_Import module work towards a similar goal, but there are several differences:

  • Wordpress_Import uses an WXR export file from Wordpress whereas WP2Drupal interacts directly with the database.
  • WP2Import has greater flexibility with the import:
    • You can use Path_Redirect to catch the old URLs but still use PathAuto to give them new URLs; GlobalRedirect will make it even more transparent
    • You can (optionally) clear out (truncate) existing content tables to start with a fresh copy of your content
  • Wordpress_Import is somewhat more user-friendly.

Ultimately, though, WP2Drupal should be merged into a more useful all-in-one migration tool.

Project Information