Workbench provides overall improvements for managing content that Drupal does not provide out of the box. Workbench gives us three important solutions:

  • a unified and simplified user interface for users who ONLY have to work with content. This decreases training and support time.
  • the ability to control who has access to edit any content based on an organization's structure not the web site structure
  • a customizable editorial workflow that integrates with the access control feature described above or works independently on its own

These features benefit the end users as well as Drupal Site Administrators and Technical Support.

For Drupal Developers and Site Builders, Workbench provides several additional benefits:

  • a modular architecture: only install and enable the modules you want
  • extensibility: we would love to see more integration with other Drupal modules (in fact we have our eyes on Scheduler and Workflow modules and improvements for Asset Management)

Drupal 8

Release notes for 8.x-1.0-beta1 are important to current users. Major changes have been introduced.

Workbench core is a series of Views. For current sites, we recommend creating custom Views for editors or modifying existing Views using the tools provided. There is a port underway on GitHub.

Related Modules

Workbench Modules

Workbench is separated into several modules. Workbench module is required by all of the other modules, and each module can function independently of the others except where noted. You need to download and install all of the modules to make use of all of the Workbench features.

Workbench Access
Workbench Access provide the hierarchical permissions across "Sections" of your web site. You can use menus, taxonomy, or create your own hierarchical structure for controlling access to a piece of content.
Workbench Moderation
To provide editorial workflow, you want to install Workbench Moderation. It is a flexible system which provides default workflow states like Drafts, Needs Review, and Published. You can also change these states to suit your orgnizations needs.
Workbench Files
This module has been deprecated in favor of Workbench Media module below.
Workbench Media
The Media module has been integrated with Workbench too. The goal was to include a workflow for creating media just like you would any other content.

Each module comes with an extensive README.txt file. Be sure to read through them to learn all of the details.

More Details

Workbench is a suite of modules which provide easier content management for content administrators. Each of the "Workbench" modules has been tested to work with the main Workbench module, and with the other modules in the Workbench suite. The Workbench suite is modular, allowing site builders to build the workflow that best suits the content administrators on their site.

The Workbench suite provides authors, editors, and publishers with a unified interface for managing content relevant to them. It allows people to focus on content, rather than on learning Drupal.

Workbench incorporates contributed modules and has some new features of its own:

  • Hierarchical permission inheritance by “Sections” not just content types
  • Extensible workflow states
  • Single repository for media management
  • Modify live content without publishing changes immediately

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