This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Wordpress Kickstart combines a few different projects to provide an easier transition/migration from Wordpress to Drupal.

The goal is for users to get up and running as fast as possible.

Migration Steps

    1. Download this package
    2. Install Drupal using the Wordpress Kickstart profile.
    3. Run the Wordpress migration using the guided instructions on the homepage.


    Wordpress Kickstart uses the Wordpress-inspired Twenty Eleven theme by default.


    • Context - required for the Default Content module
    • Ctools - required by the Context module
    • Default Content - used for the front page instructions
    • Features - we have 1 feature that sets a few defaults on the site
    • IMCE & IMCE Wysiwyg - allows editors to upload images to content, enabled and configured automatically
    • Media - enabled with shortcut added
    • Migrate - require for Wordpress Migration module
    • Pathauto - allows administrators to set nice urls for content
    • Pathologic - preconfigured (helps for people who do not know how to set up local aliases)
    • Wordpress Migrate - enabled with instructions page & links for importing via a WXR file
    • Wysiwyg - preconfigured with the most popular wysiwyg for Drupal, TinyMCE

    In addition this project provides a couple familiar shortcuts to the toolbar, 'Comments' & 'Media', both of which are prominent in the WP admin.

    This project is sponsored by Mediacurrent Interactive Solutions.

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