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I'm seeking co-maintainer for this module, please apply
Whizzywig 3: this is recomended version because use new library Whizzywig 2011! Now smaller, faster, and use own Namespace!

WYSIWYG is an alternative module that integrates with Whizzywig. Use Whizzywig module if you need more features.

Whizzywig 2011

This is the new version of Whizzywig: The new editor has its own namespace. It does not use global variables that may clash with other libraries or javascript that may co-exist on the same page. Whizzywig 3 uses Whizzywig 2011, this will automatically fix any namespace issue we face on Whizzywig 2.


Are you looking for the fastest and smallest WYSIWYG Editor for Drupal? Then Whizzwyg is the answer. Fastest and smallest WYSIWYG Editor but features rich. You may not believe how fast and small this editor until you try it!

Whizzywig FEATURES

  • Javascript powered WYSIWYG editor, very lightweight, cross-browser compatible, customizable, Very small and fast!
  • Filter editor visibility based on textarea IDs, paths and content-type
  • uses current techniques, best practice and technology
  • provides a simple means of extending to add your own controls, or even replace the entire toolbar with your own


Whizzywig CKeditor/TinyMCE Others
Purpose Simple editor with image & table support Advanced editing. Most complete feature -
Access Time Very Fast Slow Fast
Space required (uncompressed size) 20 KB 4.4 MB/1.8 MB +/- 500 KB
Support insert/delete for column/row in table Yes Yes No
Custom buttons Yes Yes No
Teaser break Use excerpt module Yes or use excerpt module Use excerpt module

INSTALL and CONFIG Whizzywig 3

  • Download and save to sites/all/libraries/whizzywig/
  • Extract this module to sites/all/modules/whizzywig/
  • Enable the whizzywig module in Drupal (admin/build/modules)
  • CONFIG: Administer - Site Configuration - Whizzywig

INSTALL and CONFIG Whizzywig 2

Please read README.TXT in Whizzywig 2.

Whizziwyg website:

Other contributors

Peter Bex, szeidner, Dave Reid

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