This module makes the progressbar provided by webform (>=4) clickable. For webform3 it also provides a forward compatible backport of the progressbar.


Just install and enjoy.

Upgrading from webform3 to webform4

  1. Install the newest version of both webform and webform_steps.
  2. Disable and uninstall the webform_steps_w3 module.

It is possible to upgrade directly from webform3+webform_steps-7.x-1.x to webform_steps4+webform_steps-7.x-2.x.

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x (webform3)

The update hooks should take care of migrating your configuration. Output and styles have switched to be webform4 compatible. You will need to adjust your templates (webform_form.tpl.php, webform_progressbar.tpl.php) and styles.

Usage for version 2.x

  • (webform3) Once the module is enabled you can configure the steps just like in webform4.
  • Once the module is enabled the webform steps provided by webform (or by our webform3 backport) become clickable. Note that it's only possible to navigate forward one step at a time.

Usage for version 1.x

  • The title for a step is taken from the first fieldset of it's page or from the name it's preceeding Page-break (which obviously doesn't work for the first page).
  • You may want to override webform-form.tpl.php because it forces form-elements to be rendered above everything else (including the step-bar generated by this module). See #2188347: Default webform-form.tpl.php hardcodes rendering order.


Works with webform_ajax.

Supporting organizations: 
financed the development and maintenance of this module.

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