This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Webform Pay

This module provides a Payment component to Webform, allowing users to use payment gateways provided by the Pay module. This allows Webform to process credit card payments directly through merchants such as, PayFlow Pro, or any system supported by Pay module.

This project is no longer being developed. While it works acceptably for Drupal 6 sites, I don't plan on making a Drupal 7 version.

Note that while this module does not store financial information (beyond credit card type and last four digits), it does not make this module inherently secure. Before accepting any kind of credit card payment, even if you're immediately sending it to another site like PayPal or, you MUST obtain a valid SSL certificate for your transactions to be secure between the user's browser and the server (https). Webform Pay does not enforce this requirement.


  • Webform (requires 3.11 or higher)
  • Pay (requires 1.1 or higher)
  • A payment gateway module for Pay (i.e. PayFlow Pro or This module does not currently work with the PayPal Website Payments Standard! See issue #1266964.

    A previous project at this location has been renamed to "webform_simple_payments" (for integration between Webform and Simple Payments module). It's new home is accessible at

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