This module extends the Webform module and allows you to display different confirmation messages depending on the values entered. You can set up multiple conditionals and the first conditional rule that matches the values entered will be used. For example it's possible to say if field A is X display one confirmation message, but if field A is Y display a different message.

Version 7.x-2.x-dev provides multiple conditional support so you are able to define a message for if field A is X AND field B is Y.

Development of this module takes place on GitHub. Please use the Drupal issue tracker for this project for development or bug reports. The suggested way to contribute is to submit a pull request instead of posting patches.

This project has recently been picked up by a new maintainer, since the project was abandoned and did not function correctly I am unable to support legacy versions 7.x-1.x. Please also be aware that 7.x-2.x-dev uses a different database schema and so 7.x-1.x will need to be uninstalled before upgrading, at least until an update hook is implemented.
7.x-1.x development supported by Annertech.

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