This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This modules provides some new features for the Webform module:

  • Mapping Component (now in webform 4!) - could be used for conditional email delivery.
  • Summary Component (now in webform 4!) - preview webform fields before submission.
  • Txt Exporter - provides ability to download formatted csv/tsv file that has txt extension.
  • Webform Digest (for 6.x-3.x yet, porting) - highly configurable submodule that allows Webform to send report regularly as email attachment to specified emails. Webform Digest integrates with Mapping Component and does support any exporter. Before installing this submodule see README.txt.


There is a blog post about Mapping Component.
More documentation is coming soon.


Development sponsored by Trellon.

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