This module pulls webforms into blocks. It allows you to freely position the webform of the currently viewed node - just like CCK Blocks does for fields.

Installation / usage

  1. Enable the module.
  2. Use the block interface (admin/structure/block) or a context to position the webform block.


This module works with both webform3 and webform4. Due to a regression in webform it doesn not work with the webform versions 3.23, 4.5 and 4.6. Please upgrade to the newest version of both webform and webfom_block if you experience any problems.

Webform blocks vs. Webform's built-in blocks (aka "Do I need this module?")

Webform blocks Webform built-in block
Which webform is displayed? Webform blocks always displays the webform of the currently viewed node (as given by menu_get_object() or nothing on non-node pages). The built-in block always displays one specific webform regardless of the page it appears on.
How many blocks does this module create? Webform blocks creates exactly one block. No further configuration is needed The built-in blocks have to be enabled in the webform-settings page of each node. This produces one block per node or webform.
When should I use which kind of block? If you need the webform to show up in other regions than the content-region, then this module is for you. It allows you to do that for as many nodes as you like. If you need to display one distinct webform on different pages on your site webform's built-in blocks are exactly what you are looking for.

Webform compatibility

Webform blocks is compatible with webform-7.x-3.x as well as webform-7.x-4.x.

Project information