The Webform A/B Test module allows admins to setup A/B tests containing several webforms to determine which is most effective. When a regular user visits the URL of the test, they will be shown one of the included webforms at random. The module tracks how many times each form is shown to users, and how many users complete the form - a conversion. The admin will also configure the winning conditions for the form: once some number of conversions are reached, or a certain percentage of hits result in conversions, a webform will be declared the winner of the test. From that point forward, all users who visit the URL of the test will be directed to that winning form.

The included README.txt has extensive usage instructions and details.

Requires the Webform module. This has been developed and tested against Webform version 6.x-3.x.

2.x branch: CTools plugin support

Thanks to a client that needed some customizations, the 2.x versions of this module support CTools plugins. For developers interested in building plugins, please see API.txt for details.


Development of this module has been sponsored by Jackson River. Our mission is to support and strengthen non-profits, socially responsible businesses, cause-based initiatives, and progressive foundations by enhancing the effectiveness of their mission, people, process, and technology.

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