Setting when to offer an additional link to the Wayback Machine

As articles age, their links rot. This module offers the reader a link to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine in addition to the old and probably rotted links.

Installation and configuration

Install the module by adding its folder to sites/all/modules, sites/all/modules/contrib or wherever you store your contributed modules. Go to the modules list and activate Wayback Filter.

On the modules page, there'll now be a link to Permission and Configuration next to the Wayback Filter on/off switch.

Give the right user group the permission to configure Wayback Filter and hurry to Configuration to set either the relative age an article should have in order to get Wayback links (i.e. 5 years) or a set date where you consider articles old enough to get Wayback links (i.e. 2010-01-01).

Wayback Filter is a text filter. So go to admin/config/content/formats on your site, configure a text format (i.e. admin/config/content/formats/1) and select Add Wayback links.

Your old articles will now be enhanced with Wayback links.


If the Wayback links show up in a weird way or cause trouble, change the Filter processing order of the relevant text format.

See it in action

Linkrot is a solved problem.

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