This module allows users to post nodes automatically to one of the most popular European social networks - VK. Currently supports posting on group and user walls.


Read README or the blog post (russian) to get inifromation about the module installation.

Important notes

  • Module requires cURL library.
  • Module doesn't send nodes to the wall from local web server if checkbox "Add a link to the node" is checked.
  • To provide possibility to send images with text you have to add image field to a node type.

Current project status

This project is actively maintained by Anpolimus
At 7.x branch we are testing new large improvement - configuration with tokens.
If you have time, please test dev version of the module.
Current general target are:

  • Implement test to the module.
  • Fix bugs, added by community.
  • Migrate to Drupal 8

Drupal 8 migration status

Currently, I'm working with migration of configuration pages to Drupal 8. Dev version is not working.
If you have time to help me we D8 - feel free and assign to yourself any of 8.x task

Drupal 7

Initial Drupal 7 migration has been sponsored by Aidar, sashken, Geldora, mak-vardugin, Valeratal, RxB.


Module development was not sponsored by anyone (except initial D7 migration). It was created for the love of Drupal.

Supporting organizations: 
Support of 7.x-2.x, Development and Support of 8.x.x

Project information