Adds an input filter to enable Vimeo videos to be embedded using a short code
[vimeo url=""]

Additional options are also available:
[vimeo url="" width="640" height="360" class="custom-class" caption="This is my video"]


  • For single videos: one can optionally restrict embeds to Vimeo Plus videos (good if you want to keep branding off your site) or videos from a given account.
  • Support for vimeowrap.js by Wesley Luyten (luwes) which allows you to add multiple Vimeo videos, albums and channels as a playlist or carousel
  • Drupal 7: Fluidvids support for responsive videos, (and also provisional responsive support for playlists in latest dev release).
  • Using playlists

    Download from and extract the contents to sites/all/libraries (D7) or in D6, to the js subfolder of the module, so that (for example) the main vimeowrap file is at js/vimeowrap.js.

    Then you can display playlists as follows:

    • Multiple URLs: [vimeo url="," display="playlist"]
    • Albums and channels: [vimeo url="" display="carousel"]

    If no display variable is given, then multiple URLS, albums and channels are displayed as playlist by default. Additionally, the variables that vimeowrap provides are supported (e.g. 'position', 'size', 'offsetx', 'offsety', 'visible', 'autoplay', 'speed', 'thumb.quality', 'thumb.width', 'thumb.height'). Note that the Vimeo Plus and per account embed restrictions don't yet apply to playlists.


    Make sure that the vimeo short code filter loads after any html restricting filters (such as HTML filter or WYSIWYG filter) and the convert-links-to-URL filter.

    Note: The Vimeo extension to the Media module may also provide what you're looking for.

    You can see this module demonstrated on - the website of multiple Guinness record holder Ashrita Furman.

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