D8: A D8 port is currently in progress, Views Slideshow already has a 8.x-3.x branch which contains a basic port and a 8.x-4.x branch with a more D8-friendly port. This last branch will be used as the base to port Views Slideshow Rendered Entity Pager.

This module extends the Views Slideshow pager functionality to provide a new widget to display rendered entities in the pager (instead of simple bullet for example). You can select a specific view mode to be used in the pager.

Development of this module has been based on Views Slideshow Simple Pager which is providing another pager widget to display item numbers.



  • Views Slideshow Rendered Entity Pager 7.x-1.x requires Views Slideshow 7.x-3.x
  • Views Slideshow Rendered Entity Pager 8.x-4.x requires Views Slideshow 8.x-4.x


  • Enable the module and dependencies.
  • Create a new View using the "Slideshow" format.
  • Edit the format settings.
  • In Top or Bottom widgets, check the "Pager" checkbox.
  • Select "Rendered Entity" in "Pager type" select list.
  • Select the appropriate view mode in "Pager view mode" select list.
  • Save & Enjoy !


Below are some examples how you can support the development of the module:

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