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This module will display a view of images using the ImageFlow JavaScript plugin available from

ImageFlow is a picture gallery, which allows an intuitive image handling. The basic idea is to digitally animate the thumbing through a physical image stack. That intuitive handling is automatically caused by the metaphorical use of the well known process of thumbing through.

This solution is known as the Cover Flow technique, which has been developed by the artist Andrew Coulter Enright. Now - after it has been bought by Apple - it is used in iTunes and the file browser of Apples OSX.

Please see the important note when installing; it will break when you turn on CSS aggregation otherwise.


1. Download and install the Views Slideshow module.
2. Extract the contents of the project into your modules directory, probably at /sites/all/modules/views_slideshow_imageflow.
3. Download the ImageFlow Javascript plugin from
4. Extract the contents of that archive into /sites/all/plugins/imageflow. You may optionally install that to another folder, but will need to then specify the new location at /admin/build/views/views_slideshow_imageflow.
5. Create a new View with images, using 'Slideshow' for the 'Style', and 'ImageFlow' for the 'Slideshow mode' when configuring the style.


There's a known bug with the ImageFlow plugin, seen at #769968: SOLVED: Enabling CSS File Optimization makes ImageFlow Container show Images vertical: As is, the plugin will break if you turn on CSS caching on your site. Unfortunately, as that plugin is not released with GPL, I cannot include a fix with the module. To fix it, you have to remove the offending first line of imageflow.css contained in the plugin that reads:

@charset "utf-8";


It's important to note that if you have anything besides images displayed in your view, it will be filtered out of the display. This plugin will only display images. However, it will respect any links the images point to, as specified by your View. Other than that, it should work with any image fields in your view, whether from the ImageField, Image, Embedded Media Field (using thumbnails), or other similar modules.

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