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Views Slideshow: Dynamic Display Block


  • Featured Content
  • Ubercart Products
  • Image Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Header Slideshows
  • Text sliders


  • Any content
  • Multiple content delivery options
  • Multiple slideshows
  • Configuration settings per slideshow
  • Number-, prev/next-, text-, image, scrollable-pagers
  • Free and commercial layout themes


The tutorial for version 1 and the tutorial for version 2 can be found at the site.


Support for the views slideshow: dynamic display block module is given on a daily basis. The issue queue of the module is the preferred place to post: support requests, feature request and bugs. Please give detailed descriptions of your issues, so we can help you better. Searching the issue queue (search on all issue, also the closed ones) can give you direct answers.

Current developments

The 6.x version of views_slideshow_ddblock works only with the 6.2.x version of views_slideshow. It will not work with the 6.3.x version of views_slideshow

New features available in version 6.x-2.0 of the module.

  • Less installation steps: No preprocess function in template.php needed for default usage.
  • Default theme: A default theme included in the module
  • Example module: Includes example module which installs example content type, a view with six example slideshow blocks for each type of pager and example content.
  • Mapping of fields: In the slideshow configuration interface fields from the view can now be mapped to template fields of the slideshow.
  • Themed views fields are used: The content of a slideshow field is now themed content from the view instead of raw data.
  • Slideshow theme detection: Detection of available slideshow themes to choose from in configuration page.
  • CSS size stylesheet detection: Detection of available theme size css stylesheets to choose from in configuration page.
  • slidenum argument: Start with a certain slide via slidenum= argument.

7.x-2.x dev version of the module.

First port of views_slideshow_ddblock 6.x.2.x. available. Only use when you want to help with development, test or create patches.

Slideshow theme layouts
The views slideshow: dynamic display block slideshow module is supplemented with free and commercial slideshow theme layouts. Examples of free slideshow themes and the commercial slideshow themes can be found at Free themes can be found at the download page.

How you can help?
Below are some examples how you can support the development of the module:

I need your time, effort, feedback and support for the module.

The Maintainers

The module is developed and maintained by Philip Blaauw.

I like to thank all who found bugs, made suggestions for improvements, made issues to improve the documentation and who made reviews of the module.

Support and development of the module is made possible by selling new custom theme layouts and by paid services like installations and customizations of slideshow solutions.

Paid services
For paid installation, configurations and customization of the module and slideshow themes, you can contact me via my contact form. I also do a wide range of drupal development, configurations and theming for Drupal sites.

There are several other Drupal slideshow / carousel / rotator / tab modules available. Have a look at this comparison to find out what suits you best.

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