Views Showcase

The Views Showcase can be used to create very elegant and beautiful Showcases to display content you may want to highlight in your site.

This module integrates with Views module, so you can use any content type and fields to be displayed as Showcase.

In this first release Views Showcase provides 3 slots where you can put an image, a title and a teaser. The fields are provided by Views module, so you can virtually put any field in these 3 slots. In future versions more slots will be provided.


Views Showcase uses two third party Javascript, Cycle and Easing. Since doesn't allow the project to contain these libraries within the package, this module requires the Libraries API module in order to work.

After you download the Libraries API module you also will need to download the two Javascript libraries used to create the effects.


These libraries should be placed at sites/all/libraries folder. Each library in a folder of it's own name (e.g. sites/all/libraries/cycle).


A very nice implementation is available at Digital Motion Comics website.


This module has been created by Rafael Silva


Drupal 7
Now there's a Drupal 7 version of this module. This version is pretty much the same of version 2 for Drupal 6. This version includes a default view for demo purpose, so if you need an example, take a look at this view (called views showcase).

Version 6.x-2.2 and 2.3
The third party javascript libraries Cycle and Easing has been removed from within the module due policy. Now this module depends on Libraries API module. You also need to download manually the two libraries (links above) in order to module work.
Attention There's a very problem with version 2.2, it was fixed in 2.3. Please download version 2.3.

Compatibility Note:
Version 2.0 is NOT backwards compatible with settings from version 1.0.
To safely upgrade from version 1.0 to 2.0:
1- Disable the module.
2- Flush your cache.
3- Replace the old version with the new version.
4- Re-enable the module.
5- Redo the settings in the views where the showcase style plugin was used

Supporting organizations: 
6.x-2.x release development, Maintenance

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