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Note: There are way too many modules that do "fancy jquery effects in Views". It's like the textbook case of module duplication. I have therefore decided to deprecate this module in favor of Views Slideshow, which has an order of magnitude more users and a much more active maintainer. I will continue to support bug fixes on the current release, but there will be no new feature development and no Drupal 7 version. All users are recommended to migrate to Views Slideshow, either now or as part of Drupal 7 migrations.

The Views Rotator module provides a Views style plugin to display items by rotating through the items displaying one at a time. The cycling of images happens via JavaScript (jQuery) with a number of configurable options.


  • Crossface between each item in a view, displaying one at a time.
  • Set the time between each item.
  • Set the length of time for the cross fase.
  • Pause on region mouse over. (optional)
  • Back and Next buttons. (optional)
  • Height settings. (defaults to detecting the height of the tallest item)

Drupal 6

The jQuery cycle plugin is used to provide a rotation or cycling through each of the items in the view. To add Views Rotation to a view select it as the style for a view. Once you have done that there are configurable options such has to enable back and next arrows, pause when the mouse is over the region and more. These are configured through the normal view interface.

Note: The drupal 6 version is under heavy development and is not yet feature complete. Each of the alpha release is considered stable but more features are to come.

Drupal 5

To access the drupal 5 version, when creating a view you will have Views Rotator options on the style list with Full Nodes, Teasers, and Lists. Select one of these to enable Views Rotator and then fill in the other aspects of the view as you normally would. The number of items to display is the number of items to rotate through.

To configure and theme the drupal 5 version you will need to use theme function overrides. Unlike Views 2, which has a nice configuration interface, Views in drupal 5 does not. Details are in the THEME.txt provided with the module.

In comparison to Views Carousel and Node Carousal the Views Rotator module works in a manner similar to Innerfade (thought they don't share the same JavaScript) while these two carousel modules use jcarousel to display the content.

This module was developed by Innovating Tomorrow for Mustardseed Media.

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