This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Allows you to create a feed for a view, much like Views RSS, except you can specify any custom markup you want (XML, JSON, whatever) instead of just RSS. The module works by providing a view argument and was largely copied from views_rss and modified.

WARNING: This module is intended to allow the quick creation of simple custom feeds backed by views. There are 2 main problems with this module:

  1. node_load() is called on each node to allow quick creation of feeds - this causes many queries and performs poorly
  2. The module promotes saving code in the database. This is bad form for complicated code that should be in version control.

If you are fine with these 2 points and simply want to create quick and simple feeds, then you've found the right module!

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6.x version needs some love...please help with patches to get it to a point release. You can find the dev release here.


If you are fine with more structured, pre-determined output, the following modules are probably better choices for performance and maintainability reasons:

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