This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Video Upload module provides a CCK field type that allows for the end user to upload video directly to YouTube, using a single account for the site.

Video Upload and Drupal 7

You are encouraged to use the Media and Media:YouTube modules to replicate the functionality that this module has historically provided.

If you are interested in maintaining this module as an alternative to the Media module in Drupal 7, please contact me.


The video never hits the Drupal host (for the 5.x and 6.x-2.x versions only—see the 6.x version below for details on the difference between browser and direct upload methods), saving on storage and bandwidth bottlenecks. Furthermore, the end-user doesn't need a YouTube account, since all video is stored under the site's account. Video can be organized on YouTube with customized developer tags, currently with limited token support.

The module uses the Zend GData client library for communication with YouTube. This can be downloaded here. See Video Upload's INSTALL.txt for details on installing this library.
Note: The Zend library requires PHP version of 5.1.4 or higher, and as such, this module does too.

The Video Upload module is developed and maintained by OpenSourcery and originally sponsored by One Economy. The upgrade and enhancements for Drupal 6.x were sponsored by The Linux Foundation's Video site.

Drupal 6.x Version

The Video Upload 1.x version only implements the direct upload method. The 2.x branch of the module implements the browser upload method. With any luck, the 2.x branch will also provide the complete abstraction of the core functionality away from YouTube, opening up the possibility of including additional video providers.

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