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Allows users to pick a winner of two nodes of the same type.

This module allows users to vote on pairs of nodes for each content type. After a user votes on a random pair by picking a winner, he or she will be directed to vote on the next random pair.

Versus is a rewrite of the Smackdown module that doesn't create any nodes. Smackdown views each X vs. Y pair as a "smackdown" node. This doesn't scale well when users are required to vote on large numbers of pairs. An example is all possible combinations of nodes for a given content type. For each content type, n choose 2 nodes need to be created, and this grows very large very quickly.

CRUD is handled by the Voting API module, which is required as a dependency.

6.x requires Views 3. It's working very badly now, but working. I'll try to resolve all bugs and requests ASAP.

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Drupal 5 architecture and development

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