Version Control API is an engine for Drupal integration with a variety of version control systems. The focus is primarily on working with canonical, server-side repositories. It provides basic tools that allow for things like history listings, commit access controls, triggered actions when new code comes in, and direct on-disk repository management.

This module is a core engine and does nothing on its own without a "backend" module that provides integration with a specific VCS (e.g. git, bzr, svn). This module provides a consistent base interface (UI and API) for interacting with all the different backends.

Version Control API is the system that drives all of's Git integration.

Versions and Backends

The 6.x-1.x branch of VCAPI is abandoned; however, it has much wider backend support:

The 6.x-2.x branch of VCAPI was a massive refactoring, and is what runs today. Unfortunately, we can make no promises about the upgrade path from 1.x, though it should generally work. Please do get in touch if you'd like to see one of the other backends brought up to speed with 2.x. It is now on maintenance mode, so it only accepts bug fixes.

7.x-1.x is a port of 6.x-2.x, with some extra features. As 6.x-2.x, it's on maintenance mode.

7.x-2.x will be the next major version and will be accepting features soon.

Integrating modules

The VC system has a number of modules that integrate with it for richer functionality:

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