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User Queue is a module which is functionally quite similar to Nodequeue. It allows you to create multiple queues, add users to them, and order the users within the queue. Queues can have a maximum number of items, or be unlimited.

In addition to the administrative pages for adding, removing, and ordering users, each queue will be presented as a block. There is a basic theme hook that the blocks call which can easily be overridden in the event that you want to link somewhere else than the user's profile page, or you want to do something more interesting than the default item_list theme.

This module was in obsolete and unsupported state for a long time, before I started working on D7 version and got the ownership. I will not work on D6 version except bug fixes. Though D7 will be in active development.

This module 6.x version was developed for The New York Observer initially before going obsolete and was supported by the Observer Media Group. Now I took is over as owner and released a D7 version which is supported by Faichi Solutions

Future Plans

If this module proves or would prove useful to people, then I'd be willing to consider one or more of the following improvements as per requests in issue queue,

  • Views integration
  • More AJAXy add/delete in the queue admin
  • Actions integration
  • More theme options
  • A true queue is FIFO (first in first out), so really adding a new item to the end of a full queue should pop the first item off the top. Would this be a preferable behavior to what I have now (just returning an error when an admin tries to add a user to the end of a full queue)?
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