What Is Username Enumeration Prevention

By default Drupal is very secure (especially Drupal 7). However, there is a way to exploit the system by using a technique called username enumeration. Both Drupal 6 and 7 have this issue, but it is much worse for people using Drupal 6. This is because Drupal 6 does not have any built in brute force prevention. When an attacker knows a username they can start a brute force attack to gain access with that user. To help prevent this, it is best if usernames on the system are not easy to find out.

Attackers can easily find usernames that exist by using the forgot password form and a technique called “username enumeration”. The attacker can enter a username that does not exist and they will get a response from Drupal saying so. All the attacker needs to do is keep trying usernames on this form until they find a valid user.

This module will stop this from happening. When the module is enabled, the error message will be replaced for the same message as a valid user and they will be redirected back to the login form. If the user does not exist, no password reset email will be sent, but the attacker will not know this is the case.

For a demonstration of this, visit simplytest.me, click the "Launch Sandbox" button, then visit the password reset page on the sandbox site and try to enter an invalid username. This will show you the same message as a valid username.

Additional Notes

Enabling this module is one step to preventing the usernames on the system from being found out but there are other known methods that are just as easy. These are:

  1. If a user belongs to a role that has "access user profiles" granted to it, then that user can serially visit all integers at the URL http://drupal.org/user/UID and get the username from the loaded profile pages. With this permission, the user can call the core callback at http://drupal.org/user/autocomplete/a and get the usernames. Replacing the “a” with each letter of the alphabet, prints an array of usernames.

If the issue above exists then the module will notify the site builder when the module is enabled.


Note: There may be other places where usernames could be exposed that this module may not know about. Examples are the "submitted by" information on nodes or comments, views, exposed filters or by other contributed modules. Users looking to hide the usernames from comments and nodes should look at using realname or some other tool.

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