This module helps users to merge together duplicate accounts. It uses a hook system so other modules can do whatever they need to manage their relationships to users.

Notes for version 2.x

A new interface allows users with the right permissions to choose how each user property should be merged. This includes the ability to merge fields, referencing entities, and other entities owned by the selected users. This aims to provide a more finely tuned merge process, as well as to minimize errors and information loss. See README.txt and usermerge.api.php for more information.

Integration with other modules

Immediate integration with other modules is contained in module-specific files in the includes directory.

Modules supported out of the box:

  • Entity Reference
  • Multiple E-mail
  • Profile
  • Profile 2
  • RDF
  • Real Name
  • User Reference (References)
  • User Points

Self-Serve User Merge

Self-Serve User Merge is a submodule that allows users with the “Merge own accounts” permission to merge a different account into the currently active one, by visiting user/%/edit/merge. The user will have to enter the e-mail address and password of the account that will be merged.

Project Information