Administration settings D7
Administration settings D6

Let users register with a password on the registration form when verification mail is required.

By default, users can create accounts directly on the registration form, set their password and be immediately logged in, or they can create their account, wait for a verification e-mail, and then create their password. With this module, users are able to create their account along with their password and simply activate their account when receiving the verification email.

The variable module, mail editor and commerce checkout are supported in the D7 version and the module is now in use in some complex setups.

Supported modules Drupal 7:

Supported modules Drupal 6:

Status D7 version:
All 'blocking' issues are now solved. The 1.4 is compatible with Drupal core 7.35 and up. It will not work with anything below 7.35 due to the changes in Drupal core. We advise to update to the most recent Drupal core and user_registrationpassword 1.4.

Status D6 version:
It's getting more popular, but we could do with some more users and feedback on issues while we'r working to a beta/RC.

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