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Blog post / screencast on what this module does (D6)
User progress is an API for fine grain event tracking of a user through your site. This has been developed for use within the context of education and charting student progression through out a system but should be able to be used in any drupal site to track certain user actions. By default the module does nothing other then provide the framework for other modules to invoke. Some included modules that implement this (and how):

  • Content - Capture the fact that a user went to a page
  • JWPlayer - Integration of JWPlayer to capture of users pressing play, skipping within or completing video.
  • Smart Builder - Establishes registry types for use with Smart Builder third party application

This project has full views integration so you can visualize the data that's been collected or export it to whatever format you want! Please submit feature requests and feedback to the issue queue.

Module development sponsored by The Pennsylvania State University for the ELMS distribution.

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