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User Delete

Allows administrators (and/or priviledged users for their own account) to

  • block a user
  • block a user and unpublish all submitted content, including nodes and comments
  • delete a user and reassign the submitted content to the anonymous user
  • delete a user and delete all submitted content including nodes and comments

Additionally there is an option to backup all deleted data, which includes the user and his content (nodes, comments) to the filesystem. The backup is kept for a given time period and afterwards deleted on cron run.

Be aware, that there is no automatic way to recover the backed up data. It is just for the purpose of documenting.

Notice: there is a new branch DRUPAL-6--2 that is a backport of D7 user cancel API for Drupal 6. If you would install this one, please consider that there is no upgrade path from 6.x-1.x to 6.x-2.x version, so you will have to reconfigure the module again. This branch requires testers, so please, feel free to comment in the issue queue after reading: #935120: Backport D7 user cancel API to Drupal 6

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