This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


User contacts allows your users to manage a list of contacts (names, addresses, email addresses) from their account page.
Note that the contacts are not user objects and are analogous to say an address book in Gmail.


  • Flexible permissions, allow power users to view and manage contact lists for other users or limit it to per user management
  • Contact Importer intergration - allow your users to import their addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other webmail services supported by Contact Importer and the OpenInviter Engine
  • Feeds integration - defines a processor for feeds allowing you to setup imports into your user contacts data. Comes with a preconfigured importer for importing from CSV


Using the module

Whilst the module provides the forms for the user to manage their contact list - how you use it is up to you. The module was written to power an Ubercart application allowing users to design and pay for printing to be mailed (snail-mail) to their friends. There is a strong api and the module exposes several hooks allowing other modules to integrate and extend the default functionality.

To do list

  • Document the api


The module was written by Lee Rowlands of Rowlands Group for a Drupal project managed by Jazz IT.

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