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For 15 years, GSA's DigitalGov Search has transformed the public’s search experience on federal government websites. We have a proven track record of delivering fast, relevant search results and agencies currently use our free, shared service to power the search box on hundreds of websites. Learn more and set up your free search box today at https://search.digitalgov.gov.

This module has submodules that offer different functionality:

  • usasearch_hosted takes control of the default Drupal site search by altering the default block and theme search forms and redirecting the default Drupal search paths (search, search/node/%) to use DigitalGov Search instead. Use this sub-module if you do not want to hard code your search parameters into your search box.
  • usasearch_api allows you to send content directly from Drupal into DigitalGov Search for real-time indexing via our i14y content indexing API. The module indexes the item title, date, path, description, full text, taxonomy terms, and content type names.
  • usasearch_field adds a “USASearch” field type. You can use this field type to insert a standalone search box in the body of a page, allowing users to query a secondary DigitalGov Search site.


This module requires Composer Manager to be installed, which will pull required libraries, such as GuzzleHttp. Note that Composer needs PHP 5.4.5 or higher.

How to Set It Up

You'll need to install this module and configure a 'site' for it in our DigitalGov Search Admin Center.

After you've set up a site in the Admin Center, in Drupal, configure this module (/admin/config/search/usasearch) by updating the following fields:

  • Site handle—Such as agencygov and found under DigitalGov Search > Admin Center > YourSite > Dashboard > Settings
  • Drawer handle—Such as mypressreleases and found under DigitalGov Search > Admin Center > YourSite > Manage Content > i14y Drawers.
  • i14y API secret token— Found under DigitalGov Search > Admin Center > YourSite > Manage Content > i14y Drawers and then click the option, Show. If you don't see the i14y Drawers page in your Content section, email DigitalGov Search to have i14y enabled for the site.
  • Autocomplete—Enable autocomplete to help searchers refine their query by displaying type-ahead search suggestions as a list in the search box. The list forms as a searcher begins to type in the search box. Suggestions are listed in order of most popular (that is, most searched). They're updated every few seconds.
  • Search domain—The default search results page for the DigitalGov Search service is https://search.usa.gov/search?affiliate=yoursitehandle. If you want searchers to see search.YOURSITE.gov (instead of search.USA.gov), email DigitalGov Search to mask your domain and request it be added to our SSL certificate. After you’ve set up your custom search subdomain, enter it in the box above, such as https://search.commerce.gov or https://findit.state.gov.
  • Rules integration—Use this feature to write your own rules for what content is indexed with DigitalGov Search, and at what points in your workflow. Be sure to write rules for your content types in sets of three:
    • Adding to the index
    • Updating the index
    • Deleting from the index
  • Description view mode—You can select the search result description text that works best for your site. Choose among the text you’ve set as your teaser, RSS item content, Drupal search index snippet, or full text.

After you save these settings, the module will send content to us when you hit “Save” in Drupal. To index content retroactively, please go to the main Drupal search settings page (/admin/config/search/settings) and click `Re-index site`. This will start sending us content for indexing.



  • Integrates autocomplete (type-ahead) suggestions
  • DigitalGov Search hosted search results
  • Exports all admin options via Strongarm and Features


  • Adds realtime indexing via DigitalGov Search's i14y content ingestion API. You can use our module's default site indexing, or use the Rules integration to control exactly what and when content is added or removed from our index.


  • Supports both Search Results API (deprecated) and hosted search results


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