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Module Overview

The module:

  • Connects to our search service to bypass the native Drupal search
  • Sends content directly to our indexes via our i14y API (optional for Drupal 8)


When a user enters a query in your Drupal site’s search box, the query will be sent to our search engine, and the user will be directed to our servers to view the search results. When they click on a result, they’ll be returned to your website to view the content.


Required in Drupal 7, optional in Drupal 8

The module’s default indexing behavior is to monitor for CRUD events (node Creation, Updates, or Deletions), and to update the search index on save. Items are created in the index when a node is newly published, updated when edited, or removed from the index when unpublished or deleted. The module will also retrospectively index content that existed before the module was installed, via the Re-index site function.

Highly customized Drupal sites may be incompatible with our module’s default indexing settings. If you have custom workflows in Drupal 7, you may want to consider using the module’s Rules integration to determine when nodes are added or updated in the index. When Rules is working properly in Drupal 8, we will add a Rules integration to the 8.x module. If you find that you are unable to successfully implement the module, please review our troubleshooting tips.

We welcome your contributions to the module. It is an open source project, and we encourage you to submit code so that other agencies can leverage it as well - a rising tide lifts all boats!

Before you install the Drupal Module:

  1. Set-up a search site with our service via https://search.gov. Note: you’ll give your site a display name and a site handle, and you’ll need to enter the site handle in the module.
  2. Request that your search site be enabled for i14y by emailing our team.
  3. Set up an i14y “drawer” in our system. Full instructions are available in our help manual. You’ll give your drawer a handle, and you’ll need to enter this drawer handle in the module.
  4. Get your i14y secret token. You’ll need to enter this token in the module.
    • The token can be found in our system in: Search Admin Center > Manage Content > i14y Drawers, select the option Show.
  5. Install the Search.gov (usasearch) Drupal module - be sure you grab the right version for your version of Drupal!

Detailed instructions for setting up the module:



  • Integrates autocomplete (type-ahead) suggestions
  • Search.gov hosted search results
  • Exports all admin options via Strongarm and Features


  • Adds realtime indexing via Search.gov's i14y content indexing API. You can use our module's default site indexing, or use the Rules integration to control exactly what and when content is added or removed from our index.


  • Ports the module to Drupal 8. The functionality is the same.

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