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The updatescript processor is a deployment tool for drupal configurations.
It provides a scripting environment that allows you to define your own
configurations as script files with incremental version-controlling.

The API of the updatescript processor supports functions to configure, disable and enable modules and themes.

Furthermore, it provides a drush function for other tasks that do not have corresponding API functions in the updatescript environment.

The updatescript processor can be used with CI (continuous integration) systems like jenkins for updating target systems like dev and stage installations.


Put your updatescripts into a "updatescripts" folder in the "sites/default" folder.
For multisite installation, please put the "updatescripts" folder into "sites/yoursite.tld".


// This will be logged.
$this->setAuthor ('John Doe');
$this->setDescription ('This will install the contact module');

// This will enable the contact module.
$this->setupModules (array ('contact'));

// This will finish processing this script for future processing iterations.
// You can create batch scripts by only calling this method conditionally.
$this->finished ();


UpdatescriptAPI::setupModules Installs/Enables specific modules.
UpdatescriptAPI::unsetupModules Disables specific modules.
UpdatescriptAPI::setupThemes Installs/Enables specific themes.
UpdatescriptAPI::unsetupThemes Disables specific themes.
UpdatescriptAPI::setDefaultTheme Sets a specific theme as default theme or admin theme.
UpdatescriptAPI::log Writes a text message to the log of the current running updatescript.
UpdatescriptAPI::drush Runs a drush commandline.
UpdatescriptAPI::setLanguageWording Translates a specific string.
UpdatescriptAPI::createVocabularyTerms Creates a set of new taxonomy terms on a destinated vocabulary.


It is necessary to install drush. Otherwise, the drush method of the processor API will not work.

This module was sponsored by bright solutions.

Important new Drush command since 7.x-4.16
drush batchbsu
This command runs all updatescripts in background, but in single processes. Never run out of the max_execution_time.

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