UIkitty 3.x is the newest version of UIkitty and currently under active development. UIkitty 3.x is essentially UIkit 3 integrated into Drupal 8 architecture.

Go here for UIkitty 2.x.


Currently there is no documentation specifically for UIkitty 3.x on Drupal, please use the UIkit 3 Documentation as a reference for how to activate functionality with UIkitty 3.x.

We are seeking co-maintainers and developers to help push the envelope for how UIkitty 3.x integrates with Drupal. There are many issues that need to be resolved to make this the perfect framework for Drupal 8. Please join the discussion and contribute what you can.

UIkitty 3.x themes

  • Form3 is the first published theme to use UIkitty 3.x
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