Uikitty was initially provided as front end development plugin to hook up UIkit because we were using it for business and thought it would be fun to share, however after being thoroughly frustrated with Drupal's lack of true support or community around design and the PIA guy who took over the namespace for UIkit on Drupal. It has become more of a hassle to share than its worth.

Why we are moving to OctoberCMS

I believe Drupal is no longer a smart solution for too many reasons to list, my entire company has moved off of drupal just this last few months and have adopted OctoberCMS which I absolutely love. Check out october!. It does everything you want from a PHP CMS and works much more fluidly with other front end frameworks than Drupal. There is no bloated superiority assuming its better when it's not. Its just faster to get from a design to a finished site with October. I cant state enough how Its what I always thought Drupal would evolve to be like.

OctoberCMS is great for designers. Seriously as someone who's used Drupal for more than a decade trying to get better adoption of design principles. Everything about October is a dream come true compared to Drupal.

PS. Clients that were using Drupal, have unanimously approved October's administration screen over Drupal's administration. hmmmm...

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